Monday, June 7, 2010


There's this instructor friend of mine, who is famous for his bitchy-mouth. He likes to call all his female friends ( and a certain group of male friends ) as "CB" ( if you know what i mean ;p ). And if you are a close friend to him, congratulations ... cos you will be UPGRADED to "CCB".

So one day, a female instructor came and complaint to me ...

Her : Eh, can ask your friend to be more polite or not? I saw him just now, and he keep calling me CCB!

Me : Next time, if he calls you that again, grab his face and put it it front of your CB. Ask him got C or not la. LOL ;p

Her : Ceh, waste my time talking to you.

Seriously, i dunno why people can be that rude. I give names to other people also lah, but never call them CB.
Do you like to give others "names" as well? ;p

What do you call this? A CCB face? LOL ;p


  1. I know got car that is CCB. :P

  2. 你的朋友很过份啦,总不能叫回他LJ,那么没修养!

  3. what a coincedent!!! my new post also abt my name! hahah...

  4. yalor, i think that is very rude to call people CB or even CCB, so no class lor..

    i used to give people nicknames, but that was during kids time lah, but never do this now lah.. it's so not respectful, everyone is given a name, so please respect that..

  5. Use it once a while as a joke is ok i guess, but not when it is an overload, so unclassy. Plus, we also hv to be sensitive to other people's feelings. Some may not be able to take that vulgarity.

  6. i will be feeling uncomfortable whenever he/she getting close to me
    perhaps he thought it's funny lar but i really behtahan people using those words to call me ><

  7. Maybe he just need somebody to let him know how others felt when he did that....

  8. well, some appropriate nick name can bring relationship closer.. but not those immoral nick name like "CB" or "CCB" laa... =)

  9. one of my ex refers me as cibai...

  10. william .. my neighbour's car is WTF ;p

    single .. dun worry..i never call ppl those type of name.. just make my class drop ;p

    paul .. but urs is sweet incident ma.. where mine is so vulgar.;p

  11. sk .. the most i do is to give names which sound like the bad word.. but never directly the bad word itself.. like this better bo? lol ;p

    ant .. taking care of others' feeling is the last thing in his mind

    anthony .. that is just his trademark la.. i'm sure lots of ppl complaint to him before.. but still no improvement

  12. ed .. he will only change if he wants to .. nothing much we can do

    sherry .. if one day i call u BF .. can ahh? ( can guess whst is BF bo? lol .. dun angry ahh..

    eric .. luckily he din call u CCB hor.. or else i'm sure u r happy to let him inspect ;p

  13. ur fren really rude!!!! he got gf or not?or he also call her gf CCB?? he's really KNS!!!!

  14. sandra .. gf? got ah.. all the CBs ;p


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