Friday, January 2, 2009


The minute i stepped out from the flight, i can see the whole area was covered with snow from the night before. It was so white, and so NEW to me. Really excited. And the bus journey from airport to hotel was very exciting. Cos i am seeing some scenery that i will never see in Malaysia. Took some pictures. Reached hotel, rested for a while. Then walked around to feel the snow.

Nothing much happened in this trip. As i said earlier, i didn't buy any thing for myself. No mood. But i think i am in love with Korean food. Especially the spicy and soupy ones.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Seoul is packed with people all the time. A bit inconvenient for me cos don't feel comfortable to go to a crowded place. Plus i think their fashion sense there is not as good as Japanese. So nothing interesting to see oso. But i did passed by the JYP studio. ( JYP = agent for Rain, and other Korean artistes ). There's a group of mui-mui chais waiting at the entrance. Dunno waiting for who la, cos i am not a fan of Korean artiste ....

Massive Jam during Christmas Eve



  1. oooh.. ginseng chicken soup!! i want~~ :p let me bring you to one very authentic korean food restaurant in KL next time..

  2. Snow..still remember the 1st time I saw it in US 6 years back, which was very excited but cold. Guess this would be a memorable trip for you. Mm...korean's fashion sense isn't good? I thought they are on par with japanese? Or your expectation was too high?

  3. I'm still not sure if I will visit Korea yet. Not in the list of places I want to go at the moment.

  4. 吃了人参鸡汤后,外面冬天天气感觉如何。还会感觉很冷吗...

  5. sk .. u say one ah... dun simply say say but never do..;p

    keenyee .. u'll c the difference.. where jap put more effort in dressing up themselves .. or mayb their style is more suitable for me ..;)

    legolas .. mayb u'll like it la.. cos dif ppl looking for dif things ma :)

    yee .. 外冷內熱咯。哈哈。

  6. hey danny~ next time wanna follow u to trip la~

  7. it still looked like a wonderful trip to me. :P

  8. leumas .. c how la ;p

    007 .. it was a relaxing trip for me.. cos i din shop much..haha

  9. wow... Nice snowy sceneries though I m not into it. Going to Boston from new york nw. I went into the new york public library where carrie in sex and the city held her marriage. So syok

  10. wayne.. then did u put a 'bird' on ur head too? a la carrie's wedding

  11. White Christmas how it feel?
    but you really look sick wor..

  12. not sick la... just a bit cold ...;)
    will catch up wif u soon.


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