Monday, January 12, 2009


Sometimes i am quite amazed with myself. We know that people in creative line must be creative and always have those out-of-the-world ideas. I'm not saying that i am great in my job, but my dreams are definitely out-of-the-world!!!

Dream 1 :
There is some kind of new weapon which is very harmful. Or should i say anything will be dead once touched by it. I was so ' SUEY' that while i was holding that weapon, the liquid from the weapon kena my teeth. 4 of them, 3 upper and 1 lower. I was so sad cos when i smile, i can see 4 holes and it is so ugly!!!
( what? nothing special? wait for the second one... )

Dream 2 :
I am a man, a PREGNANT man!!! ( Now, this is not ridiculous, cos it happened in US ) I was so tired with the pregnancy. But still have to buy baby's stuff in IKEA. And i was so upset with my family, cos none of them want to go baby shopping with me.........

Don't tell me about 日有所思,夜有所夢, cos never come across my mind that i will get pregnant!!!

Thomas Beatie ~ The Pregnant Man, with his wife.


  1. Ya Allah GJ.. Mimpi lagi?.. This round soooo extraordinary! Wahahahahhaa!..

    Memang JENG sekali!.. LoL


  2. orhh... a man being pregnant is wonderful. maybe it indicates that u love kids or desperate for kids.. it's ok. v hav sponsored kids overseas. haha

  3. this is long times news adi....
    u want be pragnant is it? u still cant yet....

  4. hmmm~ let me solve ur dream:
    dream1- u have a strength tat make u success or better than others...but if u dun use it well, it will hurt urself and make u loose 4 important thingz in ur life
    dream2- shit!!! u r going to be pregnant :p hehe no la~ u gonna have a prosperous year in 2009

  5. errmm, i right see left see up see down see horiztontal see vertical see also don't get what you want to tell.. anyway, maybe this is why you are 注定吃這行飯 :p

  6. Aiya, I have yet finished my "Dreams" book, or else I can help you to interpret a bit. Let me read faster ya. Anyhow, weird dream you have about the pregnant "father". Hehe.

  7. AM .. leave it to me, when it comes to abnormal things :P

    wayne .. maybe its tie for me to write a card to my kids...

    tom .. no lah.. dun wan

    leumas .. obviously u need more improvement on being a 神婆...maybe learn more from Ooby la...LOL

    sk .. yup, my life is so abstract..

    keenyee .. fast horse add whip!!! haha

  8. 简直非你莫属啦。

  9. 讓我提你解夢吧。



    準嗎? ;p

  10. chris .. me think so...;p

    shin .. i owe u RM3.60...hahahaha


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