Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My LOVE Is Here

I'm not talking about a person.. but a pot , a LOVE POT actually. It's something that i saw during my Korea trip last December. But couldn't get it that time. Cos it's not something that they sell on the streets. So i have to ask my friend in Korea to get it for me.

What is a LOVE POT?
It's an aroma humidifier with a simple yet chic potted-plant look item. If you think that i want it just because of the look, then you are so WRONG!!! Besides the fact that the look of the pot is suitable as my home decor, i bought it cos part of the profit from the sale will be donated to World Vision. Isn't it great? You can do a bit of charity and get something chic in return. I don't mind to doing few more charities just for it :P

The packaging and contents.

POT merah, POT biru,
Jangan marah, I LOVE U. :P


  1. 很特别一下werrrr!

  2. oh, cantiknya.. itu belakang punya tahan tahan juga masuk sekali dalam benda itu?? saya sangat sukanya..

  3. shinji .. insya-allah

    sk .. itu dahan saya buat sendiri punya display props.. ada extra.. lu mau ah?

  4. They called it the Love Pot because of the donation fo World Vision? Or some other meaning? Very cute it is. Kaka, those dahan2 is DIY is it? Quite nice wo.

  5. very nice and meaningful, btw how much it cost?

  6. oh~ quite special...look so vogue for u :p hehe...how much is it?

  7. tahan?.. dahan~~~~~~~ lol

    So da creative GJ!.. I LOIKE!.. =P


  8. the Love Pot is lovely :) ..

    And the dahan-dahan is nice, how to make that??..

  9. very lovey-dovey. hopefully can get one from here too

  10. keenyee .. cos once u fold up the thing, its a shape of love.. and oso bcos of the donation to World Vision.. brunches custom made, not DIY

    tagnan & leumas .. about USD35 - 40 ( not very sure )

    AM .. u got good taste ;p

    sherry & bee .. pls collect on 7 feb :) ( i mean the dahan lo , not POT )

  11. omg.. i like it so much... get one for me pls.. haha

    SAD THING: my son wrote 2 letters to me. 1 to thank me for the presents i bought for him. another 1 for xmas wishes.. my family got them n sent them to me.. but they r not here yet... maybe it has been lost. CRYYYYY LOUD LOUD....

  12. cakap lagi cakap, itu Dahan-Dahan (haha, kali ini sudah betul) lu bikin untuk apa?? cantik woh, letak atas meja punya?? boleh tangkap nyamuk dan lalat tak?? lain kali bawa sama saya tengok.. :)

  13. Er SK. Ko punye bahasa melayu memang teruk lah. Macam bahasa pasar!! Yaya, saya pun nak tengok sikit, nak belajar cam ne nak buat benda2 ni.

  14. wayne .. maybe xmas season heavy load for the postmen la.. be patience...:)

    sk .. its a props for some jewelry window display

    keenyee .. u all want to see ah? got. in my storeroom

  15. Ge Ge (in a sweet calling)..... still able to get 1 more for me ma? I oso like it so much lei.... some more can donate.. are your fren still able to get 1 for me?


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