Saturday, January 3, 2009

韓之旅 (下)

It's all about love...

I LOVE shit....
There's this pancake that they make it in the shape of shit with red bean paste in it. Very tasty, and funny.


I LOVE Nanta...
One show that you must watch if you go to Korea. It's Nanta. Stomp performance using kitchen utensils. Very creative and entertaining. I like it cos besides watching the performance, they have a segment where they interact with the audience. So it's different from watching movie or musical. Decided to watch it last minute. Luckily still got ticket available.:)

I LOVE Japan. ( huh? it's Korea trip le...)
Yup, the conclusion of the trip is ~ I love Japan more than Korea. Maybe bcos of the culture, the place, the food, the language, the people and the enviroment. I just love Japan.:))

p/s : It was sleeting on the day i left Korea.

** almost forgot. i was trying to get a slightly longer hair wig ..just for fun cos always with short hair.. . and its so cheap in Korea. i tried, and i looked so ' AQUA-licious' and damn 'AH-GURL-LEE'....hahahaha ( no pics )


  1. 鼻水有没有滴到屎饼的?



  2. 你猜如過滴到我還會吃嗎?哈哈。

  3. i oso prefer japan over korea...coz japanese r more nice while korean a bit rude...
    let's go japan together at 2010? :)

  4. I hate it when it's too cold and the nose just can't stop running.

  5. although the weather is damn cold, but i'm sure there were some sweet and WARM moments during your trip gwa?? :p

  6. I wonder how's the shit taste like.. hehe... Happy New Year Danny =)

  7. leumas .. jap ah? amyb not so soon la..

    legolas .. luckily my nose just drip a bit.. not very obvious..haha

    sk .. of cos..when i think it's more to spicy..cos eat lots of kimchi

    ian .. it tasted good.. i am refering to the shit..hahaah

  8. walau A, 吃粪吃到这么开心。哈哈

  9. 下個星期出來喝茶, 告訴我你的韓之行

  10. yee . just enjoying whatever they serve.. :)

    tagnan .. sure.. n the job thing as well .;)

  11. Couldn't compare both country as I never been to anyone of them. About the wig, you should take a pic and share with us. Bet it would be a funny one. :)

  12. keenyee .. trust me.. it's really UGLY...hahaha

  13. wah..... first time putting ur face on your blog lei.. some more so up close... now i know dat this is how u look like...

  14. hmm? i posted n times liao wo...

  15. I'm so jealous you can go japan and korea,they are my dream places to travel through...XD


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