Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I always have difficulties buying long pants. Thanks to my 5:5 body proportion. If i can wear a pants nicely, that means there's problem with the pants' cutting. ;p

So i was at the S&K today, trying to buy a cargo pants for class. The sale staff was too 'helpful' that he keep on showing the new arrivals to me. I smiled to him and told him that i only wear pants of certain cutting. Cos my legs are short, not nice when i wear that type of cutting.

Then he gave me a very 'useful' tips :
"Actually if your legs are longer, you can wear slim fit pants or skinny jeans which is in trend now. We have some designs which is very nice."
( X你!鬼唔知阿媽係女人啊?If my legs are longer worr... )
Luckily my mood was ok today. So i just smile to him and walk away. Of else, he will be my 2009 open year (開年) victim!

Do you know that the name of this 'short-legged' chicken is called " Ayam Katek"?


  1. Lucky you are in good mood.
    If not.... hahaha, cannot imagine..

  2. if the sales is too 親切熱情 to promote, i will for sure walk out from the shop with a smile..

    haiz, we are not tall and not slim, skinny jeans is never right on us.. my buddy "forced" me to try the skinny jeans at topshop, after i tried, i was angry with him for two hours!!!

  3. He Really mm zhi sei! hahaha..


  4. Oh... I think that sale staff as lucky as I'm.. haha :p

  5. 凡人 。。 我最多也只是guat他而已嘛。

    sk .. luckily i still can carry skinny jeans la..thanks to my friend who also forced me to try..:)

    AM .. i won't do anything la.. maintain vogue

    yee .. he is :) haha

  6. Ooopss...big mouth ayam katek (danny) is shooting its machine gun~~~ lolz :P

  7. ian .. hmm, thats sound not very nice le.. revenge ahh? ;p

    leumas .. soli, no machine gun, just laser

  8. the promoter is dumb enough... his "if" assumption is just bullshit, u should reply "if my legs are longer, i will kick u off"

  9. That sale staff was another smarty wo. If me, I will "open year" for him..Hehe.

  10. wayne .. no la.. 2009 i will try to be more friendlier..hahaha

    keenyee .. not worth opening year la.. save more energy to shop in other shops.LOL

  11. 大口人忌大口碗, 哎~~算啦 我以前間公司有你既"晒屎"

  12. tagnan .. which one????

  13. want to open year izzit? ;p


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