Friday, May 8, 2009


Got addicted to re-write lyrics.. so wrote this classic LALA song for him to sing ...
FYI, this song was actually aired on the last day of that segment... and i was told that the system was jammed that day due to too many SMSes sent by, enjoy....

Sammi ~ 煞科 ( Original )
Yammi ~ Bas Mini ( Lyrics by Big Mouth, Rap by KK )


  1. Masuk masuk masuk..Belakang lagi...masuk masuk masuk...
    Aiyo, what kind of lyric is this...keke.
    Make my friday so HIGH la.

  2. high ah? rmb to pay entertainment service charge worr...;p

  3. hahaha... dude cannot resist on re-writing more lyrics ... it's funny thot :p

  4. i haven't listen to it yet, will do it at home.. but i supposed what comes out from your pen, and especially from KK's mouth, wouldn't be anything good lor~~ :D

  5. omg. i heard this song before u actually posted this here. i nv thought it came from u. u r far more talented than we can imagine. we love u, danny!!!

  6. tz .. sometimes its fun to do things that i have no chance to do in real life ;p shioook

    sk .. u r rite.. but ever heard of 負負得正? hahaha

    wayne .. dun say like that.. later ppl say i tak malu.. ( m actually floating ;p )

  7. change the lyric to 炸虾饼。 炸虾饼 炸虾饼饼饼饼~~

  8. tony .. u meant lyrics for Zombie issit? oh that one by Loke..:)


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