Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am a serious murderer. I kill almost everything and anything. I used to have a potted palm tree in my living room.... dried up within 6 months. I was asked to my by my ex-housemate to take care for his pet fish for one night, ONE NIGHT ONLY... died the next morning... cause of dead is still a mystery...
Now the only living thing ( besides me ) in my house is the bamboo leaf ( 觀音竹 ) next to Madam Kwan ( 觀音姐姐 ). Luckily got blessings from Her, if not, sure die one.;p

And just when i thought that i am bad in taking care of things with life, i found something ... it seems that i under estimated myself ! I've upgraded my level from killing living creatures ONLY to harmful to BOTH living and non-living creatures...LOL

Was doing some spring cleaning just now and found something that have similarities on it.....
my piggy key chain and the angel ornament. Both BEHEADED !!!

Left : The scented black piggy key chain that i bought from Japan few years back... not sure where is the head.:(

Right : An angel ornament, souvenir from my friend when he visited Prague 2 years ago. Check out the original packaging box and the actual item.. something missing rite? ;p
Oh btw, the potted plant behind is FAKE !! LOL



  1. OMG!! 真係罪孽囉, 阿彌陀佛, 善哉善哉..

  2. omg~ choi choi choi~

    Ba Gua Mirror to reflex back ---

  3. dunno the big potrait in your living room will suddenly hilang kepala or not leh... i am anticipating... xD

  4. better pray more to Madam Kwan lo. :)

  5. tony , sk & leumas .. God bless u all :)

    shinji .. i know who to look for if the head really gone....YOU !!!!!

    keenyee .. i will be too dangerous to u guys if i have the power to 砍妖除魔. hahahah LOL

  6. Put everything next to madam kwan for blessing please, especially those with heads, including your portrait so that people can worship your pic while worshiping madam kwan. :p

    btw, i m graduating this saturday! hehe

  7. 请用你的嘴巴祝福我...

  8. wayne .. then u'll see my house empty.. but near but full of stuffs near madam...;p n CONGATS...proud of u :)

    Ooby .. i always gd to u ma.. :))

  9. 原来肥妹鬼是你杀的!

  10. Wow... Danny 你回应 KeenYee 的哪句,一个字形容 “绝” ... 佩服、佩服...

    我忍不住了...哇哈哈 :p

  11. maybe you unconsciously beheaded those poor souvenirs when you are sleeping~ :O worry for who ever sleep near you! :P wakakaka

  12. chrisiew .. I WISH !!!

    yee .. u r on that list as well.. LOL

    mr teh .. dun worry.. u r so far away..;p

    frog .. not to worry.. i am sleeping alone ;p


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