Thursday, May 21, 2009

Syukur Alhamdulilah

Went to collect my medical report today after the procedure last week. Thank God, everything is ok! I am in Tip Top condition ... LOL ( that statement is purely some self-praise confident boost, as i am, u know, not getting any younger anymore ....;p )

The fatty liver ( high cholesterol ) that they suspected earlier also turned out to be at normal level. But i will have to temporary say goodbye to all my favorite spicy food lo... But who knows? Once a while i might have a secret rendevous with them cos don't think i can liv without those spices ... Once a Spice Boy, always a Spice Boy .. hehehe

那你們就耐心點等待Spice Boy從出江湖吧。哈哈。

p/s : 昨晚跟阿蘭講電話。他說我的聲音沒之前那麼的響亮了。。。


  1. 没事就好,身体健康快快乐乐 :)

  2. huh, thank BUDDHA!!!
    otherwise, there are 3 ladiesss waiting to take care of you meal...


    take care la.. eat more anti body supplement when u are away.. its really help!!

  3. and you are going to Spain soon, oh my god, besides your compulsory shopping spree, there are just loads of nice food to try leh.. tapas, paella, sangria, pintxos etc etc.. i really miss the food there~~

  4. yee .. tqtq :)

    jenice .. thankk God lo.. if not i know u 3 will keep calling me..LOL ;p

    sk .. m on strict diet this week... so that i have sufficient space to load all the nice food when i go there...hahahaha

  5. I'm a Malaysian whom don't take spicy food ... dude, join me to have food without spice ... muhahahaha :p

  6. Spice that a team? Can I join? Keke.
    Good to hear that you are in TIP TOP condition now. Control your food intake and Credit Card a bit at Spain ya.

  7. 阿兰你叫的咩?

    Anyway阿叔你依然是‘宝刀未老’啦,no worries!!哈哈哈~

  8. happy to hear that....but...cut down the 100 + oso...u know what i mean rite...take good care..

  9. Alhamdulilah

  10. 哦,when u bcum muslim ady?i used to hear my malays friend say this word...

  11. 兄弟!你辣椒仔的照片是戴着绿帽的wo~
    哈哈~ 你是不是要王菲的那首歌名字?

  12. tz .. food without spice is like swimming without water, fly without wings....LOL

    keenyee .. jom, lets form that group la.. but i want to stand at the CENTRE....;p

    shinji .. jangan mengada-ngada..;p

    yvonne .. will try will try

  13. alive & tom .. assalamualaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuh .. hahaha

    chrisiew .. of cos i know, i'm a Faye fan la.. got that album.. but the one i love most from that album is 南海姑娘 ﹠一個小心願

  14. Join me la... No spicy foods as well...

  15. oooh!glad to hear you're in good condition! :D

    take care of urself and enjoy ur spain trip! :P

  16. chris .. cannot la.. spicy food is my everyday BASIC food ;p

    bong .. thank q thank q ... enjoy ur beach walking as well...LOL

  17. tis 2 songs was my favourite!!!
    my cousin is faye's fan,
    i used to sing along vf my cousin..
    kinda miss it =)

  18. good to hear that u r OK! :)

  19. Hehe, no problem for you to be on center la. People still can see my face even you stand in front of me lo. Hahaha.

  20. 大步檻過 謝天謝地咯

  21. chrisiew .. ur cousin got gd taste...LOL.. mixed around with him/her more..hahaha

    B .. thanks :))

    keenyee .. wait i chili ur mouth.. celuparnye cik abang akhir akhir ini..

    tagnan .. u too ma.. must visit the MAGIC guru...;p

  22. 辣椒男孩?可以吃多辣喔?


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