Friday, May 29, 2009

On Tour

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

I will be leaving the country for a while, to do a ' lawatan sambil belajar ' tour in Spain and Portugal Saturday onwards. The main objective of this tour is to introduce the famous "Ampang Yong Tau Foo" to the world and also to share the LASERING and BITCHING knowledge with the local biatches. ;p

My promo tour schedule :

31 May - 4 June ~ Barcelona
4 June - 8 June ~ Madrid
8 June -12 June ~ Lisbon
12 June - 13 June ~ Barcelona

So, try not to miss me too much during my tour period ok?
Will try to bring back lots of interesting stories ( hopefully ) when i'm back.
See ya and oh, WORLD PEACE ! ;p


p/s : Can you guys do me a favor while i am away? Please come and pretend visit my blog... so that he won't feel lonely...KAMSIA very much :)


  1. Dude, so nice .... I want to represent my community to go with you ... can ar?

  2. er... ekskiu me... mm si klang seafood meh? xD

    hehee kidding lar~

    Happy Holidays to you suk!!!!

    p/s: beware of the bulls, do not wear read underwear!!!

  3. EH! Why isn't Miss Ampang wearing bikini??

    Anyway~ have fun for the trip ya~ No lasering from u for 2 weeks, the blogsphere'll be so lonely~ :P

  4. i really feel like giving a punch in Ms Ampang's face... lolz~ hey u.... u seriously going there? walao~ A

  5. wish you happy traveling.. :)

  6. abang, take good care, drink more water.. bring more medicines :p in case anything happend suddenly, remember our wong lian shong qing.. wakkakaka...

    enjoy and bon voyage!!! Miss YA!!

  7. tz .. okok... but u from which district ya? LOL

    shinji .. dun worry, red undie is never my thing ;p

    doreen .. laa.. u merantau kat US lagi best larr..

    frog .. miss the lasers huh? mm very sure that whole lot more of ppl with higher level of lasering skill in the blogsphere...LOL

  8. leumas .. announced oledi got play play one meh?

    yee .. tqtq.. i'll try my best :)

    jen .. i will i will..:)

  9. hail queen danny! LOL~

    go and hv a pleasant biatch vacay~ ;P

  10. Hahaha.. Miss Ampang! Yah, go to spread the LASERING & BITCHING culture!

    OMG... World Peace~~

  11. have a nice trip....take good care...bye...

  12. 88...miss me all d time ya!
    remember d wheatgrass!

  13. Miss Ampang?? haha.. funny...
    enjoy ur trip lar~

  14. B .. no one will ever replace ur Queen :P

    eric .. yeah.. world peace :)

    yvonne & lisa .. will do will do..tq :))

    chrisiew .. peace to u too :))

  15. walao.... that photo macam ni pun boleh ah? can de la u.... keke XD
    how to pretend jek? it's a difficult task man.... but if u promise to bring back some souveniers maybe i can jus come and drop a line everyday..... wakaka XD

  16. Thank you, souvenir nah...XD

  17. yer so wat tat.. Ampang famous yong tau fu need to cover the whole body.. not count.. muahahhahha~~~

  18. Take care, have a safe journey and buy me souvenir oh~

  19. When buy souvenir for karenc, don't forget me hor.

  20. have a nice trip
    take care ya...

  21. i'll miss ur 38-ness... wahahahaha..
    hav a nice trip then

  22. keiron .. only good boys get the gifts.. stay good ;p

    keo .. do i know u ? ;p

    ian .. wat tat is my expertise and 38 is my talent :)

  23. karen & mr teh .. u do love bird always sehati sejiwa huh? LOL

    tagnan .. tenqiu :))

    eunice .. dun worry.. i'll be 76 after i'm back ( just to double up my 38ness ;p )

  24. Abt the pict hor....both representatives from spain and portugal are wearing r wearing something cover everything....tak ngam la....

  25. 一路顺风,旅程愉快。

  26. did you have paella, tapas, pintxos, sangria, pasteis de nata etc etc?? did you go to MNG men, H&M, Bershka, Zara etc etc?? did you watch bull fighting and flaminco dance?? did you go to see Gaudi's architecture?? wow~~

  27. sk .. sudah sudah .. semua sudah..
    poket pun sudah koyakkkks..!!!!

  28. Emjoy ur trip ya... Pleasant journey,,,

  29. Ms Ampang dekat jauh pun reply comment lagi. hehe.

  30. chris .. i wil i wil :)

    tsubasa .. cannot ignore homeland ma...LOL

  31. 快点回来啦。。。 想死你了。。


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