Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A member came to me after the class, asking for some tips to dance. According to her, she is perfectly fine with the music, rhythm and counting. But her main problem is the movement. She said she is a Rhythmic person with Movement disable. As she can dance but can't really seems to get the correct ATTITUDE, STYLE or FLAVOR or the dance.

Hmm.. i just realized that she is so right about this. Cos some people is very good in counting and get the steps quickly. But their dances seems lack of some attitude. That's why i always give the members a story and ask them to imagine them in it while dancing. And i think it's a good and casual way to bring out their own confident and style.

Now i won't say that i am very good with both, but at least ... acceptable and not to torturing to the eyes ;p. So, my question is :
When you dance ( if you don't dance, just imagine !!! ), do you dance to the BEAT ? Or the MUSIC ?

( Cos i've seen a lot of so-called 'Hot Girls' doing the booty shake whenever they dance ... Whether what type of music is playing (( Hip Hop, Street, R&B or even Jazz )) is out of their consideration. )

Another tips that i told the members ...
"We are here to dance, not doing the choreography. Just loosen up and move. :) "


  1. after attempting to go to so many dancing classes, i finally realised i only MOVED with the count in the classes!! hahahaha~~ :D

  2. come come let's dance :P

  3. usually my frens say i dance well in clubbing...i have my own move and follow the songs beat quite well...

    but if really got some choreography arrange some steps for me...i think i cannot manage lo...y leh?

  4. when i dance.......i always project a naughty thought "if you feel naughty, you can join me in bed after this"........ heheheh..... i know u all wanna say me miang.....chui ar!

  5. if we dance, all the stripper will bow to us! ;P

  6. i'll follow the music, but i can't dance, frens always said loOK like kayu.. >.<

  7. sk .. then u shld try my class.. i'll make sure u dance .. with full expression lagi LOL

    bong .. always say say no action ;p

    leumas .. cos u r too concern about the steps.. n forgot to enjoy the dance

    paul .. haha.. i always ask my member to give me the VOGUE face whenever they dance... look at the mirror and flirt with urself !!! ;p

    B .. i would love to see that :))

    keo .. then u can have ur signature kayu move lo.. who knows? might be very attractive to some ppl le...

  8. Danny, wahh.....Madonna's Vogue move ar?? that 1 hard lerr..

  9. 我会跟着节奏打拍子,但我完全不会跳舞,四肢不协调,要它动它不动。

  10. yo... i dont know how to dance le..
    can help ar???

  11. paul .. when u think u r VOGUE.. all ur movements will looked vogue .. have some faith in urself :)

    karen .. try few more times then :))

    tagnan .. u no need to dance oso can flirt like nobody business liao la...:P

  12. i dun like girls do the booty shaking thing,
    coz they think they look HOT,
    but they are NOT!!! yucks~

  13. chrisiew .. depends on how they carry themselves la..cos some really look sexy and some ... trashy :)

  14. Dude, let's meet up next Saturday and go dancing @ FF Axis :)

  15. tz .. soli oo.. i wont b around for 2 weeks... we dance together-gether next time ok :)

  16. Not sure whether mine is considered as dance not lor, I normally just move my body to the beat lo. Don't think I'm a good dancer lor.


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