Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Once a while i'll go to my friend, Lina's house to have lunch. And she'll normally prepare my favorite sambalish dishes. Not to mention that it's very delicious. After the meal, as usual, we will sit in front of the tv and start our ' sesi kutuk-mengutuk'. Joining us is her 1+ boy. This boy seems to be very friendly ( not afraid of anyone ), cos he will come and sit next to a stranger like me. So i pun take him and put him on my lap and continue the kutuk-ing business.

After a while, we heard a soft snoring sound. It's her son, fell asleep while sitting on my lap. OK lo, maybe he is tired. But the same thing happened every time ( 3 times in a row ) whenever i put him on my lap. So i pun complained to his mother la :

" Lina, anak kau ni memang tak senonoh. Asyik tidur kat kita je. Apa? Ingat kita ni TILAM ke? ;p "

So boys and girls, what do you think is the conclusion of the story? Is it :

a) my body is very warm ( a la COZY-CORNER lah konon ;p ), OR

b) my body is very soft and meaty ( so the GEBU macam kapas dalam bantal gitu..;p )?

Which one huh?


  1. aiyoh abang, lukis patung tak payah lukis usus-usus juga kan??

  2. yo, few days didnt came online, sekali gus read ur recent posts..

    aiyo, u always so funny one..
    never se u b4, duno u really meaty or u actually let ppl feel warm....lolz

    ur face wil get red easily?
    lolz...thats cute ma...haha

  3. Haiz, pakcik Danny ni nak minta puji! Hello~ Usually kids only sleep with the people they trust. It doesn't have much about the
    "physical" thing la, it's about the security you give to them. Good one Danny, it's time for you to have babies! Congratulations~ Do you like kids? ahahaha

  4. sk .. abang.. honestly i'm still a bit blurr after ur explanations...LOL

    keo .. as long as u enjoy reading it la.. u will know more about me here than meeting me in person :)

    freedom .. anak kucing can bo?.. knowing me, i think i LIKE to slap kids lo...;p

  5. I'm not close to kids... Actually i'm afraid of kids... some kids is so noti... I think i prefer the kids that quiet and sleep most of the time @_@

  6. tz .. most of kids scared of me ..eheheh.. cos i normally dun look friendly.. i think u dun need a sleepy kid.. u need a pig..;p

  7. LOL, so jahat! Slap kids! Damn! You slap or "spank" sin? :P Not good la slap kids!

  8. haha~ maybe ur big tummy is like a soft pillow for the kid :P

  9. never mind, i'll slowly explain to you until you blush like a tomato when we meet.. :p

  10. freedom .. slap.. when their parents are not around..hehehe

    leu .. ya worr.. maybe i shld start diet like u :)

    sk .. apple la.. not tomato ;p

  11. I think BOTH lor.
    Such a HOT and SOFT tilam wo..
    He ade wet dream ke?

  12. maybe you smell good la.. like his mother ;p

  13. i'll keep my thoughts to myself.

    my exam finish monday! WEEEE!!!

  14. keenyee . sampat , he was wearing diaper ma.. menyerap dengan kuat dan pantas.. how i know worr..;p

    tagnan .. u mean i got the MILKY smell issit? ;p... gosh, time to change the body lotion...

    bong .. ya, dun think too much of nonsense now.. just focus on ur exams :).. GOOD LUCK ya ......

  15. Cannot see from his face expresion? No high2 punye look?

  16. keenyee .. he was sleeping le.. high look maybe dreamt of a big pair of breast full of MILK le...;p


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