Sunday, July 19, 2009


I received a call from TF Pavilion the other day :

Him : Danny, Monday morning got class or not?

Me : No worr. Why? Got class for me ah?

Him : Ya lorr, got people request dance class in the morning. So you can teach?

Me : Can oso. What time ah?

Him : 7am!

My goodness?
I can't believe that there's a request for a dance class so early in the morning. Not sure if there will be a lot of people turning up, but i am very curious to know who actually request and so free to join the class.

Btw, where will you be and what will you be doing every Monday morning at 7am?
All i know is that i will be shaking my sleepy body and blurr mind in the studio 7am every Monday from August onwards....

突然想起潘越雲的一首歌。裡面的歌詞唱到 :

“七點鐘, 你說 七點鐘,
好 好 好,我一定早點到。。。。。“


  1. monday morning i hav 8am class..
    so 7am, i aldy put my a$$ in the car , on the way go to uni lo..
    but i also wonder, ppl wake up so early to dance?? mayb they wanna try morning "clubbing session".. haha..

  2. 7am class.. i need to wake up around 5.50am lerr..
    morning clubbing? must be more zombie-r than those 3am clubbers.... too

  3. LOL, 7am in KL the sun just comes out wor. :P You can wake up or not? If me, probably can't! Go go Danny! Shake your bon bon~ Shake your bon bon~

  4. freedom .. i have to reach the club latest by 645am.. no sun yet ler... see how long can i last la...;p

  5. Got extra pay ah? Seriously that's killing wei!

  6. 打工一族的话,7点早上,大多数都是在马路上,排长龙。

  7. 星期一到五的7点钟,我正在去公司的路上咯。

  8. 7am, i'd rather be sleeping in my bed lor, somemore it's a Monday morning~~ i'm wondering how many will go attend your class leh??

  9. omg.. i have never heard of the song by 潘越云. that's the age gap i realize. soon you will be stop shaking ur ass on monday morning. i m sure not many ppl can take it.

  10. freedom .. how i wish ! ;p

    mr teh & karen .. stuck in the jam onli ma.. not doing big movement oso.. consider resting as well la..
    btw, u 2 always msg together gether.. GELI lah ;p lol

    sk .. the quota given is at least 10 pax for the class.. see got response or not lo..

    wayne .. thats y i'm here to educate you on the HISTORY...;p fast fast thank you me la...;p

  11. 那些人还真是吃饱没事做
    不过 我还真是佩服他们


  12. sandra .. as for now i onli wake up early on tuesdays... but august onwards.. mondays n tuesdays liao... pekcek ahh...

  13. 7am? hmmm~ most probably will be taking my shower and prepare to work

  14. 7am dancing class ... hmm those people that attend this class must be having the hang over dancing mode from the weekend ... blek! LoLz

    Maybe i should go and attend your first class ... 7am @ TF Pavilion.

  15. leu .. ur office so near.. wake up so early for what? ;p

    tz .. mari mari.. bring more frens desperate for members...LOL

  16. if dance at 7am, got Chivas for sure I go one!

  17. 哈,7am我还没睡醒啊!

  18. Monday 7am? SLEEP lo for sure. Who the silly requested for that? Anyhow, it's good for you la..extra $$. Can belanja minum de. :)

  19. paul .. maybe i shld serve them English tea after class.. to pull more crowd huh? ;p

    khai .. me too.. normally wake up at 930am...hehehe

    keenyee .. minum? boleh... teh tarik kah? tarik panjang panjang while listening to papa jahat ;p

  20. bong ... try wake up early n join my class la.. sicne u r now in kl liao :))

  21. Experienced that before and at last decided to call it off cos' too tired and very sien to c a few ppl turn out to the class. So money is not everything, rather have my beauty sleep and rest.

  22. money is kinda everything to me now la.. but see how it goes...


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