Monday, July 13, 2009


I know that sometimes ( or maybe most of the time ) i can be very bitchy and annoying, but there's still a few of my friends who like to share their stories or problems with me. Cos they know that i normally will tell them the truth. And the TRUTH is normally UGLY.

I was commenting on my friend's huge ego problem, and i am worried for him. Cos most people with ego problem are actually very fragile inside and have slightly lower self-confidence. They will be okay if they are doing well, but once they fall, they will have a very hard time regaining the confidence. So he asked : Will you be there to help me stand up again if i ever fall?

And i answered : Do not ask me that question. The main thing is that you should ask yourself ~ DO YOU WANT TO STAND UP AGAIN???

I know it's very cruel but i think it's the truth. Cos asking for help is not what they believe or good at.
Do you agree with me?
Or you think that i was just talking crap?


  1. i think its true...mostly they will be too afraid to seek helps frm others as they are scare of being knwn tat they have weakness

    but i will help, coz this is what friends for :)

  2. Erm, you're helping indeed. To tell them, "you're the master of yourself, I can give you a hand, but you need to use your own feet to stand up".

    *thumbs up* Danny gor!

  3. 如果有日我向你盡訴心聲, 我覺得最後只會換到你一盆冷水兜頭淋落嚟囉.. =p

  4. leu & freedom .. its the same intention la... just me expressing it in a not very pleasant way :0

    sk .. i only do that if they really deserves it :) no worries... come la come la.. talk to me...;p

  5. 我觉得你说的是事实咯!

  6. just slap him in the face.

    and hug him later.

  7. Hehe, know what..I like this kind of people when I look for people to share my stories lo. At least you can give me a real slap to wake me up. But hor, you wouldn't be a good choice if I wanna look for support lor...keke...later kena splash cold water.

  8. u're definitely rite..totally agree with u!

    ppl should be able to help themselves up from falling before anybody else comes for them.

    BUT for the 'cruel' part, since u've mentioned tht he's a guy with ego problem, so i think tht would be hurting to hear tht..

  9. 大师, 你果然高深莫测..
    以后跟你聊天还是小心点, 免得找安慰反而搞得"越问越伤心"..

    有心无力, 不是要stand就能stand啊... 年纪大些你就懂. 哈哈

  10. 既然已经问了,应该是他也想站起来..

  11. chocolate .. of cos i am happy that they trust me by sharing the stories with me :)

    bong .. slapping is not my style le.. u know la.. i like to use mouth than

    keenyee .. dun worry.. my cold water normally is custom made one.. depends how big pail they need lo.:)

  12. hayley .. cos i want to prepare him.. in case he really fall...

    wayne .. standing problems? i think long leggers should worry more than the short leggers..;p

    chrisiew .. of cos it depends on situation la.. i won;t simply laser ppl one :)

  13. One of my friend break up with his gf, he asked me: please tell me she will come back again!!!

    I straight away said: Please wake up, she will never come back!!

    Am I bitchy too??

  14. it is cruel but it is truth.

  15. Ya... Agree with you... There are some ppl which not even try to stand up by themselves 1st already hope that others would offer to help them... TRUTH memangnya UGLY!!!

  16. jen .. congrats.. like bro like

    sleepy .. cos i dun like to make big round and then tell the truth :0

    lesly .. truth memangnye ugly.. just like DELICIOUS food normally SINFUl..:)

  17. 我们身为朋友的,只能给予最好的意见!事实永远是残酷的……听不听,就要靠他本人了……忠言逆耳!最后的决定,还是要靠他自己!从那里跌下,就从那里爬起……


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