Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I believe that everyone have a so-called 'Theme Song' in their life. Whether it's a song that cheers you up, or makes you sad every time you listen to it. And i also strongly believe that somewhere out there, everyone have a LALA theme song as well. You just can't resist you body but to move with the beats every time they play the song.

突然間想做些瘋狂的事。Since我一向來都被你們講LALA,我might as well將它發揚光大!所以,接下來的30天,我以“LALA代言人“(自封的)的身份將會在這裡大炸,特炸,狂炸LALA歌。讓它們有更多曝光的機會。也讓你們回味一下你們那一段LALA的時光。哈哈。
( Please press the stop button on the player if the song irritates you. )

BTW, 你心中的LALA歌又是那一首呢?


  1. 果然效率高!!别忘了我刚才点的那首~~~~~~

  2. eh你不是要放‘最lala BigMouth,BigMouth最lala’的咩???哈哈哈哈哈~

  3. Hehe...since when changed to LALA big mouth. My LALA song is....NA NA NA..NA NA NA NA NA..NA NA NA..Can't get you out of my head!!

  4. shinji .. urs in the list... n dun want to praise sendiri like that la.. a bit geli..lol

    keenyee .. omg.. thats actually my 1st choice but thought the beat is a bit slow for GRAND OPENING.. so i changed it lo..:)

  5. fuuyohh.........countless lor...to mention a few...emm....

    1. Lady Marmalade (sing loud Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir while touching my chest and ass and lick my finger..heheh)

    2. SexyBack by Justin Timberlake (sing loud "I'll let you whip me if I misbehave" while spanking my ass...hehehe...)

    3. Video Phone by Beyonce (do i need to write down my move?)

    4. All Madonna's songs...hahaa...

    nah....here you go...find 1 day we go clubbing..then you can see my move....if DJ play the song lah...but those songs is ages ago...don't think the DJ will play lor

  6. oh mine is "shiny disco ball" and "california dreamin (royal gigolo version)"

  7. LALA歌嘅定義係咩呢?? 有咩特徵架??

  8. paul .. join me.. b the spokesperson of LALA-land :)

    forg .. oo.. i like california dreaming as well.. after watching chungking express... :)

    sk .. my definitions of LALA songs... strong beats and bass.. sometimes very irritating.. force ur body to move along.. and makes u forgot ur actual AGE...lol

  9. That's mean we are in the same era.
    Hehe, I thought of another one.
    Come on over, come on over baby...come on over, come on over baby...by Christina Aguilera.

  10. ah... i don;t really know how's lala songs...i think Join's song ba...

  11. ugh.. Not for me! Lala songs definitely not my cup of tea. As those piercing strong basses n beats always got me headache and almost gonna throw up...

    Everytime I hear these kind of songs elsewhere, I would automatically run away from getting myself hurt..

    So, need not to mention the recent theme song of ur blog.. OMG!! it's a disaster.............for me!!

  12. Aqua - Barbie Girl
    Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
    中國娃娃 - 單眼皮女生
    M2M - Pretty Boy
    Akon - Beautiful Girl
    Inner Circle - Sweat (Alalalala Long)
    郭富城 - 對你愛不完

  13. 蔡依琳 - 72变, 舞孃
    郑秀文 - 煞科,眉飞色舞
    SHE - superstar


  14. 木头人的我因该是没有LALA歌吧。

  15. 最近迷上了Lady Gaga的Poker Face~
    搞到我也很想动起来 =)

  16. keenyee .. wait ahh.. i'll find a LALA song n dedicate to u later..:)

    keo .. hers is between dance music and lala lah.. i'll see what can i get from her for u :)

    hayley .. paiseh very much.. u'll have to bear with me for the next 30 days...LOL.. pls continue visit la.. just mute ur speaker verytime u come , ok? :) kamsia

    sk .. i've dedicated a lala song for u :) hope its in ur list :))

  17. wayne .. yeah techno.. tiu tiut tiu...tiu tiu tiu... wait for ur turn to get my dedication ya.. must find nice lala song for someone special like u..;p

    mr teh .. then i'll look for songs suitable for popping n locking... all very robotic one.. sure ngam u one..lol

    chrisiew .. haha.. she is definitely in my LALA list.. the music is good, but spoilt but the pasar malam people...lol

  18. The Way I Are - Timbaland ft Keri Hilson


  19. karen .. haha.. i used that song in the class b4.. yes.. very high.. but let me introduce some other HIGH songs to u ya :)

  20. huh?? how come dedicate 開大 to me geh?? i haven't listen to this song before boh.. i thot you dedicate 灰色 to me tim.. hehe :p

  21. sk .. wanted too.. cos i think i rmb u r sandy's fan.. but GREY qaulity in youtube not good le.. the bass not strong enuff.. and i dun want to use sammi's version...
    ma introduce u to this song lo..how? got lala mou? ;p

  22. lalalalala~
    crazy crazy!
    siao siao!
    walao walao!
    not the songs..

  23. tony .. u in denial? cos ur age fit in nicely in the category...lol


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