Wednesday, September 2, 2009


FYI, i am an ANTI SOCIAL guy. So it's kinda hard for me to go out and socialize with people. But i finally did something new for me today...

I've been wanted to get to know my neighbors for quite some time already. Cos they are a good and quiet Malay family. But just don't know how to start a conversation. Then i thought, maybe i should do it the traditional way ~ EXCHANGING STUFFS ( food, fruits, things,etc. )

I remembered that i have some 'pelita' in the storeroom.So i took a bag pelita ( which i re-decorated with kain songket for one of my client's Raya display ) and offered it to the husband. He was happy with it and we sort of chatted for a few minutes. Everything was going smooth and easy. And the most important thing is ~ after 3 years, i finally know his name. Nice knowing you and your family , Abang Mokhtar. :)

Never thought that making a move to get to know others can be so EASY.
08-09 down, 08-11 & 08-12, here i come. LOL

By the way, do you know you neighbors?


  1. doesn't it feel good to see changes in ourselves? guess i gotta start socializing like u too though i m really bad at that.

    btw, did u wear ur gaga mask while talking to him? i thought that could give u a split personality haha..

  2. An easy ice-breaker ..... have them all do the Gaga pose! You'll be the talk of the whole community hehe

  3. things are always easier when you've taken the first step out.. so i guess you'd have some rendang and ketupat from Mrs Mohktar soon.. one smile always gives you two~~ :)

  4. ya, i knw my neighbour...

    501 - 3 discreet malay guys who goes mosque everyday

    502 - a house full of the malays, who are so lovely...and they like to do "barbeque" in front of the houses which make the area so dirty

    503 - 4 malay police hunks who always come and kacau my hamster in the living room

    504 - a malay couple who feed birds

    see? i do knw my neighbour :P

  5. wayne .. yeah u shld.. u r still young.. easier to mix around.. if not u'l end up like me....
    wear the mask? oh TIDAAAAAAKKKKKK... i think before i open my mouth i already get the door slam..;p

    ant .. dun think i dare or will do that la.. cos i think most of m neighbors are very serious and shy ppl.. cos always close their

  6. Hehehe.... my neighbor is from Iraq... and it's a professor in UIA :p The other neighbor is a family with one daughter that everytime called me UNCLE ... sigh~

  7. sk .. ya worr.. maybe i'll get something from them this raya... but i think my 1st request for him is...wether he can park his car not too close to mine.. cos very hard for me to open the door n get down.. u know la.. me getting rounder n rounder..:(

    leu .. wow... did u go door to dorr to BANCI ur neighbors? do u know their names as well? r they are just Abang " Pagi" , Cik " Hallo' or Encik " Dah Makan"? LOL ;p?

  8. I just got to know a Malay neighbor too, such a nice family~

    Chit chatting with neighbors has always been fun, especially during festive seasons, the meruku, the rendang, the kuih... OKlah this is not the main reason. xD

  9. hahah.... Uncle TZ! That is funny....

    Neighbour ah... I don't really know them, I'm also anti-social....when I move out from my condo, the Indian lady next door to me talked to me for the first time, after be her neighbour for 9 years~!! Talk for almost half an hour... too late le... I'm moving out already

  10. tz .. the daugther nvm la.. as long as not the wife or maid oso call u uncle.. then i'll be burning...LOL

    alan c ... dun kesi kesi.. ur main reason is to get more foods during festive season.. ;p

    michi ... she's been saving all the words for years and give u ONE TIME when u r moving out... mayb we shld learn that oso.. lol.. u oso anti social huh? no wonder u s quite that ;p

  11. Haha, my place in Sabah, we know each other, but not their names la LOL. Too bad, my kampung Malays and Chinese can't mix, they hate us. :(

  12. I always see my neighbor at right side, but never see left side neighbor, but only see their car.

  13. freedom .. oo.. thats not very healthy huh?

    mr teh .. at least they let u look after their car...LOL

  14. Who is my neighbour??? I also dunno!!! I just rent the room here (Temporary) and i dun think i should 'waste' my time to know those ppl (Malay)... haha!

  15. lesly .. aiyo.. cannot like that one.. maybe they can introduce someone that u r looking for to u lerr? who knows rite? :)


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