Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HOOKERFACE - Act 4 ( Updated 10/9/09 )

Welcome to the Danny Gaga's HOOKERFACE Tour.
60 HOOKERFACEs featured ( to-date )

HOOKER-FAV of the Day !!!

Shasha / Female / Mid 20's ( few years ago ;p )
Introducing ... The "SUNDAL DUO" from Melium... Shasha & Danny.
I think we were the most BITCHY and GATAL person in our department. But people loved us cos we brought so much joy and excitement in their boring and tensed office life. Hmm... i miss those days ...:(
BTW, Congrats SUN ( short for SUNdal ) ... getting married in next month...and NO, i don't think i will dance that night.;p

Do you have your own group of friends or colleagues that is famous for something?
The laziest, The messy-iest, The always late-est, The slowest, The smelly-est, The 乞人憎est,... The golden-finger-est.......

Thanks everyone for their cooperation and contributions.
Please join us to make this tour more interesting.

Kindly send all the pictures and names of you and your friends to HOOKERFACE2009@YAHOO.COM
But remember, there is a STANDARD POSE for it :
Put 1 finger in your mouth and show me your most SEXY/SLUTTY expression.

Hope to receive pictures from all of you.
Remember, the more the merrier.:)


  1. First! Haha, I am still waiting for Jerry's, Anton's and some other bloggers'. :p Faster, FORCE THEM to submit!

  2. Danny Gor... I still own u a hooker face pic... Haha!!!

  3. freedom .. some of them already submitted... u see frog( first ) n keo( last ) in this post.. the rest .. coming soon..

    lesly .. u oso know horr? nvm la.. take the gatal-est GAGA pic for me while u r there.. maybe the mood is different...LOL ;p

  4. Gosh!! I saw my ex here. :p

  5. long long time ago in school, we already have the 潮流派, 文學派, 淫蕩派.. i was the leader of 潮流派, haha!!

  6. chris .. aiyo mister.. 不打自招。。。 so now how? if ppl as me which one.. what shld i say?;p

    sk .. woooooowww.... 前輩有禮.... so, any clothing tips for a 'growing horizontally' body like mine? dun tell me eat less and exercise more ;p

  7. I think the top right guy sld have won!

  8. haha... :p Hm... juz let it be a secret between u n me.. keke...

  9. Whoa! What's this new thing you get it going?

  10. i see some familiar faces! or so i thought. is the lady in blue cap instructor as well?

  11. Clothing trip for horizontally growing body? Share with me ya. The right upper guy, look so hiao wo..

  12. ant .. maybe its too early to decide... wait till i post urs.. sure GEMPAK one ;p

    chris .. luckily i have not start to kompang about it LOL ;p

    legolas .. hmm.. u hvnt been visiting for quite some time huh? its some campaign i do in conjunction with my big day :) care to join?

  13. bong .. new bodyjam instructor.. she is a FF member as well.. thats y maybe she looks familiar to u :)

    keenyee .. trust me.. he did that pose... EFFORTLESS.. dengan selamba aje.. no need to pretend at all..LOL

  14. i saw her on the stage before. i thought she was like having this some sort like assessment or sth, got camera thingy set up summore.

    guy#4 looks familiar nw tht i look again too. kaka.

  15. bong .. its for the bodyjam clearance la... guy #4 is one of the gang in FF la.. apparently instructor oso worr..


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