Thursday, September 17, 2009

HOOKERFACE - Act 6 ( Updated 17/9/09 )

Welcome to the Danny Gaga's HOOKERFACE Tour.
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HOOKER-FAV of the Day !!!

CK / Male / Early 30's
He is the one who brought me in the fitness teaching line. And gave me the confidence when i just started teaching. Thank you very much.:)
On the other hand, he was the one who tortured me as well. CK is a yoga & pilates instructor. One day i gatal-gatal go and try his Yin Yoga class. And the conclusion is .. aiyooo ahmaaaaa.. aiyoo ahpaaaaaaa...我好想死啊!
I think i have no problem doing the pose, but NOT holding it for few minutes. Can die ahh!!! For that, i respect all the yoga people. Cos you guys really tough people.

BTW, do you go for yoga classes? And what was your 1st impression of it?

Thanks everyone for their cooperation and contributions.
Please join us to make this tour more interesting.

Kindly send all the pictures and names of you and your friends to HOOKERFACE2009@YAHOO.COM
But remember, there is a STANDARD POSE for it :
Put 1 finger in your mouth and show me your most SEXY/SLUTTY expression.

Hope to receive pictures from all of you.
Remember, the more the merrier.:)


  1. yoga 需要把烦恼忘记先

  2. that's the problem with dancers, as they dance and pose fast, normally they couldn't hold on to the pose for long..

    i also have that problem, but worse, i can't even dance as well!!! shame~~ :p

  3. I enjoy doing Yoga... especially when you can bend your head to touch your knee, bend your hand to touch the floor, etc.. hahaa...

  4. I remember the 1st time I joined yoga, I already sweat like shower during the warm up. And the next 1 hour I was like "你杀死我吧!". Anyhow, it gets better after few classes. Now I can even fold myself like a ball and roll all over the over huh.

  5. chileong .. FYI, there's never peace in my to calm down? ;p

    sk .. thats y i always felt that i am a fast moving creature 快手快腳. yoga i unno la.. but u can dance ma.:)

    jenice .. then u can teach the 2 kodomos to do that la.. sure they love it one. later ask their mom to do together.. end up the mom half dead on the floor ..hahaha ;p

    keenyee .. wow pandai nye.. ok la.. this sunday u can perform in front of us.. put it in the programme list ya ? :)

  6. nv tried yoga but am really impressed with ppl who can do it well.. too bad, u don't.

    the following links should work:

  7. well i love yoga
    coz im 慢手慢腳creature ;p

  8. Dude, join the pilate on the ball :) it's another different exercise itself :p

  9. wayne .. maybe u shld try.. since u r still young ;p

    tagnan .. then we definitely cannot team up to join amazing race together .. sure got lots of *toot* in our conversation one...LOL

    tz .. i'm not very gd with props.. cos i get very tense if i have to dance with props...:(

  10. I fold myself become a fish ball and roll into the soup ya. Eat while it's HOT!!!

  11. ooo i love youga... but i cannot do aso. haahhaha

    wahlao. my verification word is "symens"

  12. I wonder whether I can join any dance glass, yoga class, step class, combat class. I feel so small :(

  13. I sux at yoga.. but diffult sexual poses, still can lar! hehe

  14. keenyee .. sure boss.. i'll make sure they prepare BIG bowl for u to dive in ;p

    bong .. same la.. haha.. the verifications are custom made for u lorr...

    freedom .. actually small ppl is easier to pick up all those thing.. trust me :)

    ant .. again.. abang, please behave...:P

  15. nice post! finger!

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

  16. yoga... there is no end and no perfect, it's an exercise of no perfection, it's a life of no bound...

  17. sj .. tq n welcome ..

    justin .. i know u r pro yoga oso.. really admire ur patience and talent ;p

  18. Hi Danny, how r u? my picture not nice leh:P


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