Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HOOKERFACE - Final Act ( Updated 22/9/09 )

Welcome to the Danny Gaga's HOOKERFACE Tour.
138 HOOKERFACEs featured ( to-date )

HOOKER-FAV of the Day !!!
Chris / Male / Early 30's
He actually requested for a second shoot, cos he said the he was not OPEN enough in the first shot. True enough, he lookes slightly HOOKER-er in this new pic. Don't you think so?

發覺他的臉有點像貓。噢?你看不懂中文?沒問題。讓我翻譯去英文 :
His face looks like pussy...... cat.
LOL hahahahahaaha ;p

Thanks everyone for their cooperation and contributions.


  1. for sure , i can not tahan his "electric eyes"..
    kill me in 1 shoot... hahaha..

  2. haha~
    i like Chris pussy......cat face too~~

  3. Oh my ,the bright and the dark angle.. Really huge difference...
    I'm starting to like him de...

  4. eunice .. agree with his eyes.. we actually got a special name for the eyes.. but not convenient to say here...LOL 18SX

    bighead .. horr... maybe the we all will look more attractive under dim lights horr? ;p

    jerry .. oo.. its never too late for anything :))

  5. Danny, tumpang sekejap.

    @Jerry: You macam sucking lollipop. Hard one. LOL.

    Anyway, that Chris hor... Really real hooker lo~ :P But how come his face looks a bit bumpy in the second pic ah? Chris, don't hit me! ;P

  6. his eyes....this pic....look so big!!!!
    haha...when this tour ends?

  7. final edy ah? ma no more dy lor...

  8. freedom .. no la.. its just bcos of the lighting... he face is 'flawless' one ...lol ;p

    keo .. his eyes in real life oso not small maa.. ends september lorr :)

    bong .. ya worr.. enough liao la..

  9. Haha, you put Chris on the table. Yes yes, he is an OPEN PUSSY...CAT.

  10. chris look like a panda to me~ but a hot panda.... :)

  11. i think take 1 is better than take 2 lor.. take 2 a bit like 怪談~~ hahaha :D

  12. LOL, I somewhat agree with SK lo. The first one look more 清靓白净。 :P

  13. Pussy cats have eye bags meh? still...kinda sexxxxy!

    Word ver : "strokin" ..... the pussy? GOSH!

  14. wa!! so many people comment abt me geh??

  15. i like take 1 than take 2.
    BTW, he looks like a HongKong artist ChiLam 張智霖

  16. KY .. u dun talk abt ppl.. u oso got the pussy....cat's eyes...LOL ;p

    L .. panda? not really la.. koala bear maybe la.. he is petite and fragile....

    SK .. but he said the 1st take ' is not him' maa.. ma do take 2 which is sluttier lo..:)

  17. freedom .. it just shows that he is so the flexible.. can be angel and devil ... just choose what u want... n he'll be THE ONE...lol ;p

    ant .. abang... behave ;p got underage reader here...;p

    chris .. of cos la.. if u r not cute, u think ppl will waste time comment on u meh? :)

    sleepypig .. actually i got that feeling the 1st time i met him.. mayb next time shld ask him to sing 十指緊扣.. see got same or not la..

  18. Close d ah? thought i haven send u mind.. hehe~

  19. ian .. if u got heart.. send it la.. i'll paste in ur pic :))

  20. Nice....really open up and left nothing.

  21. ck .. huh? u talk very deep horr?


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