Monday, September 7, 2009

HOOKERFACE - Act 3 ( Updated 7/9/09 )

Welcome to the Danny Gaga's HOOKERFACE Tour.
48 HOOKERFACEs featured ( to-date )

HOOKER-FAVs of the Day !!!

Jovi, Tagnan, Keenyee + Freedom / Male / (3) Early 30's + Early 20's
These are the people who shared same birth-month with me.
We are the SEPTEMBER BABIES. Happy Birthdays to US :))
KeenYee once commented :

"K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...
... Then hor, I found that all Sep babies very VOGUE 1 lor..kaka

August 27, 2009 10:58 PM"

Do you agree with him?
BTW, anymore September babies out there?

Thanks everyone for their cooperation and contributions.
Please join us to make this tour more interesting.

Kindly send all the pictures and names of you and your friends to HOOKERFACE2009@YAHOO.COM
But remember, there is a STANDARD POSE for it :
Put 1 finger in your mouth and show me your most SEXY/SLUTTY expression.

Hope to receive pictures from all of you.
Remember, the more the merrier.:)


  1. OMG! Keenyee is always the camwhore aunty, u know? Give him a gold medal! He is september baby, that means he will throw a party lah.

  2. hahaha, I can see many pictures were taken at the same place lo! I wonder how the staffs there reacted when they saw the guys were posing with one finger in the mouth. LOL. :P

  3. hmmm... can i request to see grandma twilight and Ant's pose??? :p

  4. Oh yea, you can put my pic la, I don't think people can recognize me. :)

    I can't stop LOL-ing looking at SK's face. He is so cute lo! So innocent! I keep LOLOLOL-ing. :P

  5. Er...don't put me on table if u wanna give urself the same compliment ok. Hehe..I think I looked quite decent in this photo wo...
    Grandma...dare not to take the crown...:)

  6. wah, I didnt know I was supposed to be in th vogue category too. I'm so so gonna pose and take a "vogue" shot now :P

  7. twilight .. camwhore aunty? beauty la.. nvm la .. ppl got asset , so can do anything he wants lo...:))

    freedom .. soli lo... the staffs there tak layan us...probably got ppl did that before in the restaurant before we do...LOL

    tz .. of coz u can.. but normally we must set a good example before requesting for other.... so, WHERE IS YOURS? ;p

  8. freedom .. too late,..i lazy redo the layout...;p yeah sk, always the cute n sweet one.. hardly hear him laser...:)

    keenyee .. i'm oledi on the table liao ma... rite at the centre timm...;p u decent ahh? as long as u happy la ( cos u let me take the pic ;p hahhaa..) btw, u shld get a TIARA , not crown ;p

    ant .. and i will be waiting for ur VOG-GUE pic .. errr... NOW? ;p

  9. i'm september baby too :P
    Holler for it~

  10. ha ha.... finally i saw my pic
    so sexy....

  11. leu .. did u had a sexy celebrations? :))

    tagnan .. ya worr.. 你不淫賤,誰淫賤?哈哈。

  12. i want to RETAKE that photo!!!! :D

  13. i saw cheaters! :P

    no pun intended.

    but i'm not gonna send mine. :P

  14. Yeak, still feel very geli lier.

  15. sk .. y ler? got ppl say u cute ma... dun like meh?

    bong .. yerr? ok lo.. since u say so... ;(

    mr teh ... aiya.. first time geli, second time sibuk ambil sendiri lo...LOL ;p

  16. Ahhh... I still haven submit my photo to you ah..!!!! Wait me!!!!

  17. jerry ... dun worry.. i'll definitely wait for urs geh.. dun disappoint me ya ? ;p

  18. yayaya....all sept fella are vogue and celebrity....just look at Danny Gaga den u got all the answers.

  19. ck .. u said like that means asking everyone to SPIT on me jeh? look at me worr....;p

  20. Mana ada wor.....i only say all Sept born ppl are celebrity look alike nia....


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