Monday, September 14, 2009

HOOKERFACE - Act 5 ( Updated 14/9/09 )

Welcome to the Danny Gaga's HOOKERFACE Tour.
84 HOOKERFACEs featured ( to-date )

HOOKER-FAV of the Day !!!

Sherry / Female / Mid 20's
Know her through LifeLogger.. ( dunno what is that lerr? ;p ) An easy going person and not fussy at all. But sometimes the mouth oso quite laser lahh... The ONLY thing that she is very concern is when we take her picture. One rule that we must always remember ~ NOT TOO CLOSE/NEAR ;p ( scared big face ) Dun worry la, i'm sure there's lots of people out there who appreciate what you are.:)

你拍照時有沒有什麼 PANTANG-LARANG ?

Thanks everyone for their cooperation and contributions.
Please join us to make this tour more interesting.

Kindly send all the pictures and names of you and your friends to HOOKERFACE2009@YAHOO.COM
But remember, there is a STANDARD POSE for it :
Put 1 finger in your mouth and show me your most SEXY/SLUTTY expression.

Hope to receive pictures from all of you.
Remember, the more the merrier.:)


  1. LOL, is the second pic, 2,2 position is Anton? I LOL, I never knew he can do such a slutty face! Good job Anton!

  2. alex's in too! wakakakaka.

    i thought the most sluttiest would be the 6th in the 2nd collage. :P

  3. dah lah i finally dragged myself to do a rare pose....kena "bom" pulak. Laugh all you guys cld, coz this is the first and last one! Let's see whether Granny Twilight has got nuts under her sarong!:P LOLZ

  4. 一定要站2/3側身, 然後挺胸收腹, 這樣才是最瘦的.. :D

  5. ahhhh... *twisting twisting* my head... ohh noo.. next time u call me Big Face Sherry.. wrong angle.. i regret now.. but personally i love Jen & Ralen pic, Jen like 18 year-old with innocent face, and ralen like a true slut face... lol..

  6. One down one to go... i saw Ant's pose ... :p Waiting for Twilight Granny eh~

  7. freedom .. yup, its him.. so do not under estimate anyone worr.. cos u never know..LOL ;p

    bong .. oo? u know him ? n... yup , he is definitely in my top list...:))

    ant .. tq la for ur courage and spirit.. dun care abt the comments la.. cos most of them still havent got the balls to do it..LOL ;p

  8. sk .. then u r better than me la.. cos i normally wont take pic from chest below... short n heavy bottom ma...;(

    sherry.. where got big face worr? dun worry la.. jen know how to use her big eyes.. n ralen, just be himself...LOL ;p

    tz .. y wait for others? when u can do it urself 1st? :)

  9. Wow wow wow, time to pass my Tiara to Anton. Can't imagine he did such a pose. BRAVO dude!!! I think TZ and Bong should learn from him, take out your courage and pose for Danny!!!

  10. ky .. no need la.. u can keep ur tiara.. cos his is bigger .. urs onli Ms World.. dia punye Miss Universe..LOL ;p

  11. great collection though =p

  12. fufu .. tqtq.. care to be one of us in the collection? LOL.. btw, welcome :)

  13. Me, Miss Universe? LOLZ

    I'll be sure to pose with nose high in the air at Ariana Teoh and Lina Teoh when they cross my path next time. wakakakaka

  14. ant .. u dun hv to.. cos u r already levels higher than them..LOL.. shiok bo?


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