Friday, January 1, 2010


Few years ago, i was approached by a female marketing staff at the fitness centre. Although i didn't sign up anything with her, but i still can remember her name. Cos it's kinda special, or shall i say .. weird ~ SPOON. Yes, her name is SPOON. ( as in "sudu" )
Yesterday, i met up with a new client. After that, her staff emailed me some info of the company. And guess what? His name is also SPOON. ;p

I always thought that using nicknames ( or Christian names ) from fruits ( Apple, Orange, Banana, etc ) or weather ( Rainy, Windy, Ice, Summer, etc ) is considered quite ' interesting' ( or strange ;p ). And now people are actually using names from CUTLERY as their nickname? What is happening to the world? ;p

I can't help but imagine that in future, the below conversation might happened to me :

Me : Err, mister. You are?

Him : The name is FORK. Fork Yew. ( LOL ;p )

Do you have any friends who are using very interesting / strange nicknames?

There, you can have at least 5 different names from the above picture.:p

p/s : dunno got ppl name themselves from the stationary category or not.. Mr Ink Wong and Miss Staple Lim...LOL ;p


  1. wow, new year new banner, cool!! but you missed out one thing: 大家閨秀~~~ :p

    hmmm, many interesting "christian" name i encountered while in HK, to them as long as it's ENGLISH then it's a christian name.. :p

  2. 很特别的新画面,忘了《大家发财》?

  3. new look in first day 2010. i like the banner very much.
    i get one girlfriend she nickname is tiger. even until now all of us habit to call her this nickname till to forget her real name. sometime is so funny when we meet up in outside or gathering with new friend we will laughing when she introduce herself.

  4. Not too late to change to Gaga! hehe

    Have a Blessed New Year, dear friend! Let 2010 be smooth sailing, and "see lai" pleasing. ^_^

  5. Spoon is still better than Dorin. Gril with name Dorin is kinda funny~ 堕lin~ lol

  6. hahahahhaha!

    this is sooo funny!

    i dunno how lah ppl would want to choose cutlery as first names!

  7. Here are some of my China Suppliers' names:
    Bamboo, Missile, Yoghurt, Leaf..

  8. Pls consider..

    SAGA Yew
    Proton Sia

    I met with a guy the other day.
    His name is sixteen..

    Call me,
    Tenth emo..

  9. well, my name is Grey and people think it's weird. :P

    i think Fork really exists, plenty of chinese names with the word 福 and they translate to Fork. tho the surname is not really Yew. xD

  10. sk .. glad u like the banner :) still trying to find out the meaning of 大家閨秀.;p

    single .. new year i must more concentrate on spiritual stuff.. not so much on materials ;p

    保佑我 .. happy good year to u too :)

  11. sleepypig .. luckily my frens nvr call me any nicknames.. syukur ;p

    anton .. yes.. one of my target this year is to ' please/kill' more 'see lai' ;p LOL

    chrisiew .. if she got the asset then ok la.. its funny if she's flat n yet ppl still call her that..LOL ;p

  12. ed .. sometimes ppl are so unpredictable kan? ;)

    karen .. they are not onli think outside the box.. but maybe NEVER in the box ;p

    emo .. call me Million Hwang 黃百萬. hahahaah

    grey .. grey is still ok la.. maybe i can use turquoise or indigo next time ;p

  13. shin .. glad u like it .. cos i hv to google so much to find phrase with 'big' in it :)

  14. hahhaha that's funny!! eh hi long time never visit ur blog still damn dai sei and funny :D


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