Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i'm so CHEAP !

Seriously, that's what i've been told!

A lady from some event organizer offered me a job to conduct a dance session for their event and she need to know my rate. So i told her :

Me : Normally my rate for this type of event is RMxxx per session.

Her : Wah! You so CHEAP one ahh?

Me : Err .. hahaha ( not sure if i should be happy or not )
You can always give me more if you have more budget.

Her : I tell you what. Send me a quotation and put RMxxx as your charges.

Me : OK, SURE!! :)

Apparently, she just double up my normal rate, which is great.
And i'm so glad that i didn't simply raise my rate just bcoz they are a big company.;p

This is not the first time being called CHEAP ( in many ways lah ;p ), but this is definitely a great and happy one.
So do you think you are CHEAP? ;p



  1. Hahaha..oh no! I'm expensive! Not cheap but discounts..lolz.

  2. HAHA! so far I havent feel happy that been called cheap on me... =P

  3. My company charges based on how rich the client is. XD

  4. Haha...It's gud wad, can get double wo, let ppl call cheap also no problem lar....muahahaha

  5. but u're not cheap in the other context lor i heard. :P

  6. wah, she automatically give you double, that means you are really cheap and way below her budget lor..

  7. what other context you are not cheap? *wondering*

  8. It's about time you learn from Grandma how to 'tarek harga!".......

  9. you not cheap la...
    just don knw the market price only ..

    now u knw ady lo..
    can become "expensive" liao ~

    lol ^.^

  10. ok, i 'll give u a new nick name..."cheapo" sound ok?
    haha....kidding man!

  11. i'm cheap too, with rm50 you can have me wide splitting my legs for you for an hour liao. ^^"

  12. 上次都话你会有运行。。。自动加价!

  13. AD .. so u think discounted stuff is better than cheap stuff huh? lol ;p

    kokhua .. why not? just enjoy everything la.. it will be easier :)

    william .. luckily i don't work that way.. or else i might lose a few potential clients :)

  14. keo .. me think so.. as long as we get paid kan? lol ;p

    bong .. huh? what u heard? share share a bit lerr..

    sk .. ya worr.. and i should thank her for being fair and generous to me :))

  15. tz .. err.. that is difficult.. cos i always think that i am quite cheap ..lol ;p

    twilight .. what if sekali i tarik harga and they dun buy.. rugi lah ;p

    matthew .. yeah.. its always nice to know that u r worth more than u thought :)

  16. 希爾門 ..i prefer cheanny lorr ( cheap danny ) lol ;p

    justin .. hmm.. i think u r really cheaper than me.. at least i only shake my backside.. without have to spread legs...lol ;p

    single .. ya lo.. hope that it will continue :))

  17. ian .. i'm a happy SEI CHEAP JING...lol ;p

  18. at least now u know u are worth more than u think . cheers


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