Friday, November 5, 2010


It's public holiday.

The only agenda for me today is Fly FM's final rehearsal. Came back immediately after the rehearsal. Sitting in front of the tv and rest. Suddenly i felt so insecure. In fact, very insecure, unproductive and helpless. Cos i've been super busy for the fast few weeks, and a sudden 'free' day is TOTALLY OVERWHELMING.

Gosh, i think i am used to the hectic lifestyle. Am i SICK?

Happy Deepavali everyone :)
Sudah makan murukku & curry mutton? ;p


  1. Happy Deeeeepavali big mouthed DANNY! I am also restless today coz unusual that I am in KL on long weekend. I have eaten 3 pieces Tosai with yummy Kari Ayam today.

  2. happy deepavali... got work means got money lo~ :) tats good wat...

  3. The term is "Chien Kwat Tou"... always must work, else fee "tak sedap badan". Hehe.

  4. 你是能做不能休!

  5. haha ...
    don think so much la ..

    just enjoy your Deepavali holiday !!!


  6. twilight .. wawawa ... till now i have not eat any indian food la... :(

    l .. i know it's good.. but i just wish that i can have more time :)

    william .. u r wrong.. cos i not onli ' jin kuat tao'.. i JIN ;p

  7. single .. ya wor.. is that a good or bad thing?

    matthew .. i know.. u too :))


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