Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know A and B.
I am quite close with A.
A is going to hire B to work for her.
I know some not so good ( but TRUE ) facts about B.
And i decided to tell A, even if she didn't ask my opinion on B.

Am i considered a 'gossip monger' ?

在沒被問的情況下主動告訴別人的壞事(但都是‘是實‘ ),算不算是個。。。



  1. 看情况啦~如果是我的好朋友 我一定说!
    那你如果跟A不熟 不过又去跟他说 那你应该是是非精 哈哈

  2. iyerrr... y u like that one... :P

  3. If A is very close friend of yours, and B is really bad, you should tell. But yea, too bad for B. He/she didn't know will kena from you.

  4. if it is good for A,
    i also will tell A.


  5. i think tat's called fren ma...
    if u know in front got hole , still dun tell her n let her step inside meh, right? hahahXD

  6. Its not gossip but its facing facts...lol ;p

  7. Blogwalk, I did tat to my Frens if I know it is a reverent fir them, best let them b mentally prepare ma~

  8. depends on how the way u delivers the msg~

  9. Yerrrr!!! If I were B, I would brand you as sei pat phor and back stabber with most filthy mouth!!!

    Just kidding only. I was just rehearsing my drama script. LOL..

  10. Yer.... Many ppl like to do tat lor,. me too. :p

  11. william .. ya la. cos i will scold my fren if they know things and dun tell me

    sandra .. luckily i'm close with A.. lol ;p

    bong .. like what? ;p

  12. freedom .. actually B's reputation is quite wide known liao... lol

    matthew .. yup.. glad i did the right thing :))

    eunice .. well, it depends.. if seeing u falling in the hole is fun.. i might let u fall...lol ;p

  13. ad .. agree agree
    .. but the fact might not b good for someone la ;p

    vincent .. mentally prepared ? i think he already prepared for it long time ago...

    l .. deliver? like normal conversation lo

  14. twilight .. who cares la if being call backstabber.. as long as my frens appreciate what i did for her :)

    single .. u got say like no say only ;p

    chris .. then we same category lo ;lol ;p


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