Sunday, November 14, 2010

one fine morning ...

You were half way eating your breakfast.
Then someone knocked on your door.
It was a delivery uncle.
He looked at you, you looked at him
Then he passed you this ...

What would be his ( or your ) first thought?

FYI, i love white flowers. So if anyone of you wanna give me flowers next time, make sure it's white. LOL .... ;p


  1. hahahahahaha. cannot meh?

  2. Why suddenly got ppl send u

  3. Uncle: (One Down, Twenty Nine to go)

    Hehe. Such a nice surprise.

  4. i would thought must be a sexy leng lui, but will be stunned when i saw a big mouth leng chai~~ :D

  5. is that uncle blind??? or who the bloody hell send flowers to me???

  6. White flowers show your heart's purity! If arranged in round kalong shape ~ choi! choi!

    Your birthday cumming iziit?

  7. the delivery man must have expected a leng-lui, mana tau is a leng-zai. i bet he's new.

  8. wow...must be very happy lo.

    Danny, is it ur B'day present?? Or someone try to propose to you?


  9. so nice!...secret admirer? lolz

  10. omg... it's so sweet..
    eventhough gals r saying tat buy flower is wasting money..
    but i like to receive flower n i think is kinda sweet.. ^^

  11. bong .. what can? what cannot?

    keo .. cos ppl want to surprise me.. so ma suddenly lo...;p

    william .. err.. happy to receive it la.. but still prefer not to spend the money lo

  12. sk .. big mouth full of bihun goreng with sambal ;p

    mr l .. wah.. so bitchy one meh?

    twilight .. dunno la.. i just hv a thing for white flowers.. my bday in september la

  13. justin .. i pity him oso la.. must be disappointed ;p

    matthew .. my bday in september :)

    AD .. no la..

    eunice .. but i seriously think that buy flower is wasting money worr..


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)