Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Finally got some time to visit the Chinese sensei for a traditional massage ( 推拿 ) after a month. Everything is the same, except the music.

For the past few sessions, he played those slow chinese pop songs ... which is quite relaxing to listen to. But this time, he changed it to some genre that i totally HATE IT ~ the so-called crystal music ( 水晶音樂 ). Something that SUPPOSE to calm you down. But obviously it's not working on me. ;(

FYI, i listen to all type of musics. From r&b, to pop, to orchestra and even heavy metal rock. But i just can't listen to the crystal music. Not sure why. Every time i listen to it, i'll feel very mang-zhang.

Do you think that the calming element of crystal music is working on you?


  1. 哈哈哈....水晶音乐,笑死我~
    不要这样 relax relax~~

  2. haha !
    i also don like Crystal Music ~
    it so FAKE .........!!!!

  3. 我想你不喜欢"丁丁当当"的音乐。。哈哈

  4. I normally told them to dim off the lights, off the music and shut his bloody mouth which will be the best massage.

  5. I think I'm ok with that type of music, or the musicbox type. Doesn't necessarily soothe or calm me but it won't frustrate me at the least. Ask him to change music then. You're the customer right?

  6. old town kopitiam oso play crystal music, i hate it. :x

  7. hahaha, same lor, i don't like those musical box music lah, very boring and feel so hollow..

  8. depends on my mood lor. when i feel frustrated, pop music make me even more angry. lol. on the other hand, i'd rather play some instrumental muic.

  9. sandra .. rite? it's so outdated.. but the annoying effect is still very strong on me ;p

    matthew .. totally agree.. even just plain instrumental music oso got more soul that that ;p

    single .. no need to be careful .. cos its already very high..lol ;p

  10. zidane .. if the dingdingdangdang is from those tribal or ethnical music, then i can accept.. crystal music of pop songs is just too much !!!

    twilight .. then it will be too quiet liao la.. i still prefer a bit of soft background music :)

    legolas .. i dun want to be too demanding... later he tekan me kuat-kuat.. die lah ;p

  11. justin .. really? which branch.. will avoid going there.;p

    sk .. if the music box is playing classical music then its ok.. but not those crystal pop songs la

    william .. i dun hate them.. as long as got my fav song al :))

    bong .. i think u too extreme liao la ;p


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