Monday, November 1, 2010

飲~~~~~~~~~~~~勝 !

Went to a friend's wedding dinner 2 weeks ago. A standard wedding dinner with grand entrance, cake cutting, champagne pouring and of cos the YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM SENGing.

So when the bride and groom came to our table, me and Sherry were a bit hesitated to shout our lung out for the toasting.

Me .. cos my voice will 'pecah' if i shout too loud or too high note. ( sweat )

Her .. cos the cameraman was standing right in front of us. She doesn't want to be captured with her mouth widely opened. ( double sweat ;p )

So you think which one is more memalukan huh?
Shout until suara pecah like madman or got captured with mouth open wide wide?


  1. You are not the only one who not shouting... I also didn't shout too...

  2. When you Danny or TZ gets married, I promiiiiiissseee to SHOUT till my adam's apple come out ok!

  3. 我以前主持婚宴, 都交给别人去喊,才不会弄到声音沙哑, 因为接下还要唱歌。

  4. I will open my mouth, but there'll be no sound coming out.

  5. no lor, i won't care about my image lor, i will shout out loud and long.. unless not too close with the bride & groom then i'll just be very soft lah.. hahahaha!! :D

  6. i will not open my mouth to shout or let them to capture with mouth open wide wide lorrrr .........
    i will open my mouth n drink gao gao .... haha (^_^)

  7. i hate this shout-yam-sheng culture. :x

    why cant we just glamorously toast?

  8. "Jog say ah" image is more important... and last Sun i went to another wedd, camera man at the back of me, i open my mouth and shout softly :p

  9. tz .. we totally depend on other to do our job kan? lol ;p

    twilight .. that one u can save.. cos if either one of us getting married.. everyone will SCREAM .. out of SHOCK lol ;p

    single .. that one biasa la.. emcee always ask other ppl to shout one ;p

  10. legolas .. posing la tu ;p

    sk .. y double standard.. standing next o the couple must shout softer one? ;p

    sexy .. ppl out wine u out life huh? ;p 人出酒,你出命;p

  11. justin .. i once attended a ' english educated' couple wedding dinner.. the shout CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERSSSSSSSSSSSS.. lagi ;p

    sherry .. shout softly only? u can do much better than that la ;p

  12. danny , most of my friends also said tat to me .....人出酒,我出命!哈哈哈


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