Monday, November 29, 2010

crappy movie ( 屎片 )

I was busy flipping the files at m favorite DVD shop when an uncle ( in his 40's ) came and stand next to me. He then asked the staff :

Uncle : Boss, got what new movie?

Staff : This one is new. ( some sci-fi movie, forgot the title )

Uncle : Not interested la.

Staff : This one also new. ( a HK horror movie )

Uncle : Don't want la. I scared of ghost.

Staff : What about this "The Social Network" ?

( I heard that and asked the staff to take one for me. Although i don't do FB but i'm still very interested on the whole process of creating it. ;p )

Staff : ( Talking to the uncle ) Sir you see, this sir also like this movie. It's very nice one. You ask him lah.

Uncle : ( Talking to me ) What is the story ahh?

Me : Err, it's the story of the creator of Facebook.

Uncle : Facebook ahh? Nice or not?

Me : Should be lah. It's more like a true story.

Uncle : Sure or not? Later not nice lerr?

Me : ( Smiled and turned away. But in my heart i replied : " GO DIE-lah, buy 1 DVD also so many aci-aco. ;p )

But i think i know his feeling, cos i was 'conned/ or recommended' to buy some really crappy movie a few times too. The latest CRAPPY movie that i bought was PCK: The Movie. Macam hantu aje. Luckily i was only watching the DVD at home. My friend watched it in the cinema and non stop cursing throughout the whole movie. LOL.;p

What is the latest movie that made you curse and swear, like a really lousy movie?


  1. You think those guys actually watch each movie?

  2. Me? Of course PCK The Movie ;P!!!

  3. I went for crappy movie recently... The American. I thought should be a nice movie coz the actor is george clooney. Mana tau... SUCKS. 

  4. hahah. ditto to The American. LOL worst i've watched so far...

  5. 花木兰,lousy movie.....
    but those are my favoutire actor/actress...sigh...
    hehe, im interested with the social network too.~ =D

  6. 下次遇到阿之阿左的怪人,叫他弹开啦。

  7. ummm~ cant remember...only can remember the good one now... "unstoppable" & "RED"

  8. harry potter >_>
    *HIDEs quickly*

  9. long time dint watch movie..
    i think the latest crappy movie for me is - Life as we know it.
    although some of my frens said is sweet n nice.
    but for me, =.=

  10. You can buy Lelio Popo :p

  11. william .. others i dunno la.. but my supplier seems to know all worr.. and quite accurate one :)

    yasmin .. i know i know.. we "pui 口水 " together-gether.. luckily i just watch the ;p

    tz .. obviously i am really out dated.. cos i dunno got this movie ;p

  12. bong .. really meh? i think nothing can top PCK ;p

    keo .. oh taht one.. i think still ok la.. just a bit boring lo

    single .. i normally will walk away.. just try to be polite la ..ahhaha

  13. l .. i got free ticket for unstoppable.. but nvr tot of gng to watch.. really nice huh?

    vincent .. ya meh ya meh? i tot everyone was crazy about it.. last 2 part worr..

  14. eunice .. err.. totally no idea what movie is oso long time din go cinema liao :)

    sherry .. u mean can buy ticket or but livili? very BIG difference u know..;p

  15. Bruce Lee - My Brother is a good show!

  16. twilight .. really? ok, will get it from my ;p


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