Monday, November 15, 2010

我的車有 "si ham" ;p

As posted earlier, someone from the gym thought that i am from Penang. Cos she said my English got a bit of Penang Hokkien slang. OK, i know my England is too powderful for her to handle. ;p

I was late for the rehearsal. I apologized to everyone and told them the reason. Then everyone looked at me, blurr... and one of the girl asked :

" Why your car got 'si ham' ? "

" What? What 'si ham' ? "

Then instantly i realized why she asked me that. Cos i told them :

" Sorry i am late, my car got 'clam' ( clamped ~ with Hokkien slang ;p )


Anybody willing to give free tuition for English? ;p


  1. wah~~~~~ where u found the lala car one! LOL, Danny, bila datang Penang la? I never know Penang English got slang one.

  2. I'm allergic to si ham. XD

  3. hehehehehe, really you got the Penang Hokkien accent?? oooh, i want to hear that, so sexy~~ :p

  4. I agree the Penang folks speak Inglish for Koay Teow sound and Laksa smell... Ask me lah.

    I love your chau si ham motokar!!! LOL Ha ha ha ha ha!

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  6. freedom .. gng to png this saturday.. but follow supplier... just day trip lo

    zidane .. i prefer u say vogiu lor ;p

    single only? what about me? ;p

  7. william .. then u cannot come near my car ;p

    sk ..since when english wif png hokkien slang is sexy.. n i dun think i got that la ;p

    twilight .. err.. dunno la.. dun hv many png frens :)

  8. haha...
    bila your car kena clamped?

  9. yaz .. sudah lama la.. but no need fine la ;)


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