Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Below was my PERSONAL thought :

Young people tend to wear black or darker clothing to look cool. While the mature ones trying to look younger by wearing more colorful clothes. ( Do you agree with me? )

Remember my previous post where i wear black almost everyday? Yeah, not only to look cool, but also to make me look slimmer. 2 weeks ago, i bought 6 pcs of t-shirt from FOS ( those 3 for RM45, cheap cheap only la ). Black, blue, lilac, pink, light green, purple and ... SHIT!!! :P

Most people want to grow old gracefully. I guess i just want to age vogiuly and have a "vibrant" life. Can? ;p


  1. Gosh I always buy colourful clothes. Does tat means I always strive to look young? Like some a pek -.- Sad....

  2. baiqin .. i sure know i can .. lol ;p

    vincent .. thats was just my own opinion ma.. u r juts young and living a fun life :)

  3. But then again, we dress according to our mood right ?

  4. Black is a colour also mar... :)

  5. chenxing .. err... maybe i was always in a black mood.. don't really wear colors ..lol ;p

    chai .. err.. i remember when i was studying design.. there's a saying that black & white.. is not a color..hahaah.. dunno la..;p

  6. i think i have equal amounts of black and coloured clothes haha :P

    Quite a balanced wardrobe... but I don't have pink or purple so far.

  7. Get MORE colourful clothes!

    Last time i only like plain colour.
    Recently im craving for colourful things.

  8. should wear more colorful shirts.
    people see you Happy ;you see yourself also Happy ...

    why not ?

    but 3 shirts only RM45 memang Cheap la ..which FOS? 

  9. i wanted to get pink lor... bt my mum said its for girls. -.-"

  10. j .. go try those colors la.. who knows it might make u sharper :))

    cally .. recently huh? dun tell me u r in the same crisis as i am...hahahahaha ;p

  11. matthew .. all FOS oso got what.. its right at the entrance.. berlambak t shirt.. they r trying to do something similar like Brand Outlet.. and its all quite nice design :)

    bong .. 1 word .. "so?" lol ;p

  12. Wear vibrant colors first la. You can wear drab after you join nunnery. :P

  13. Eh harlow which design school you went to? Mine taught me black and white are colours la unless you talking about black & white TV! LOL

    Is that your wardrobe? I love it!

  14. william .. join nunnery? i plan to bring in more colors there worr.. lol ;p

    twilight .. or maybe i was sleeping in the class? haha ;p
    nope, my wardrobe is nicely arrange according to color and length :)

  15. hahaha! no la.. im not in the same crisis.

    im much more younger than u!

    come here to show off im young?
    heheh.. jz kidding.

    hav fun with colourful things.


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