Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It's not a metaphor .. i actually did vomited after a whole day of rushing and installations for Christmas displays.

Every thing went quite well, besides the heavy rain and the massive jam in the afternoon. I was so happy cos i reached home earlier than i estimated. But after i unpacked everything, i felt slightly uncomfortable and rushed to the toilet. There's where i perform my dramatic scene ( LOL ).

No set up tomorrow, just some meetings. Hopefully can et more rest tomorrow.

BTW, i'm still can't decide on the concept for my Christmas gift wrapping this year. Any suggestions?
Wrapping from previous years ...


  1. awww~!
    i like the wrapping so much!
    Nice handcraft!

  2. Z - nice work! how about snow flakes / snowman (think blue & white or silver) ? :)

  3. Same here , recently my working hour is more then 12 hours...
    exhausted & crazy soon >,<

    btw, your wrapping is very nice ...
    can i have one? without gift inside, just wrapping will do (^.^) lol

  4. haha i kan-chiong till i vomit sometimes...

  5. cally .. thx .. i always like to wrap nice nice before i give it to others :)

    ziyu .. haha.. thats actually the color concept for one of my client for their window display .. btw.. r u that Z? but i still dunno who u r worr?

    matthew .. then we same same hv to tk care la.. u want just the wrapping? no prob.. lol :)

  6. chai .. thanks.. :))

    bong .. same la same la.. i guess all vogiu ppl have the same problem huh? lol ;p

  7. well...... i'm also shy XD i missed ur class today :(

  8. ziyu .. my class TODAY??? u r frm Cf or TF huh? yerr.. fast fast tell me who u r la...

  9. aiya~ i'm jz a nobody lar... TF

  10. Wow, your wrapping skills are so talented, beautiful to see, nice to hold.... but too "sayang" to unwrapped such nice wrrapping LoL.... :-)

    Well, take good rest, recharge your battery and be energetic again!! :-)

  11. I meeting until i vomit...

  12. ziyu .. pls pls pls .. next week come say hello to me :)

    edward .. kamsia kamsia.. sometimes i oso feel bad tearing up something nice :)

    tz .. kesian .. stay strong la.. :)

  13. Creative wrapping, whoever received your presents must be thrilled! Do I get one? It's the season of giving ma, but I like to be the one receiving XD

  14. jade .. u wait n see la .. lol ;p


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