Thursday, November 24, 2011

a student again ...

I was at the lobby of my condo going towards the parking lot. Then i heard a few ladies talking in English ( broken English ). It was the group of cleaners. What a fun scene to watch ..

Thank You ... You are welcome ... How are you ... I'm fine thank you ...

It was so nice to know that people never stop trying to learn new stuffs whenever they can. Therefore i decided to sign up a new course in the gym, which will be held mid December. Hopefully i can do/teach more different classes in the gym than just dance. ( I am not getting any younger ;p )

Besides that, i would like to learn how to play guitar, spanish, sign language, playing drums, ...

Do you have anything that you would like to learn now?


  1. What have you signed up in gym ?

  2. Yes! I wanna to learn the Thai language...

  3. chenxing .. its a course call " Drums Alive" .. they have in FF & CF .. very fun class using fitball n drumstick ( prefer play drum )

    tz .. ya worr ya wor.. then next time go bkk can bargain with them :))

  4. wah! i will join Drums Alive for you. >_<



  5. So many things left to learn!

  6. bong .. so u hv been joining the class huh? gd for u.. but i dun get the nato joke la.. apa itu?

    chai .. its good to start making a list :)

  7. Ohhhh Drums Alive i memang want to try! but the classes still not fully launched isit?

  8. j .. not fully launch meh? tot already started with the 1st batch instructors... anyway, u can join my class next time.. :))

  9. Drums Alive? Performing '凤阳花鼓‘?Haha... Sounds interesting anyway, too bad not in TF.

  10. I would really love to learn ballroom dancing, too bad my other half doesn't dance and is not very sporting, don't think he can stand seeing me dancing in someone else's arms :(

  11. I want to learn
    1. Diving
    2. Ice-skating
    3. Baking
    4. Italian
    5. to be Subang NTM.

  12. Because of the K-pop, I'm now learning korean language~~~^^

  13. jade .. 凤阳花鼓 with a modern twist.. at least i dun hv to wear traditional costume when doing ;p

    alan .. i tot item #5 already achieved long long time ago? no meh?

    choocolate .. haah.. another kpop fans .. gd for u :)


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