Thursday, November 10, 2011

oopsy daisy...

After the class, i went in the sauna before shower. After a while, a middle aged Malay guy came in. I went out to get a quick shoer and return to the sauna. He Malay guy started to ask me question ..

Him : Err.. boleh ke sauna dan mandi macam ni? Saya baru join, so tak tau bolhe ke tak.

Me : Boleh kot. Bukan mandi terus la, tapi cuma turunkan suhu badan kejap.

Him : Oo. So sauna macam ni boleh bakar lemak ye?

Me : Haha. Bakar lemak kat sauna tu untuk orang malas la. Haha.

Him : Haha.

10 seconds after that, he went out and never came back.

Then only i realized maybe that guy might misunderstood/felt insulted by my 'malas' statement so he went out. ;p
If you are that Malay guy, do think that you'll feel insulted with my statement?

Haiiiih .. me and my big mouth ... again. ;p


  1. 一把年纪liao那张嘴巴还不收一点点现在人家误会liao咯!

  2. I don't feel insulted, because I am not a Malay.


  3. alan .. hallo???? that is my trademark.. i scared u guys won't recognize me if i become good mouth ;p

    chenxing .. very funny ( roll eyes ) ;p

  4. haha ~
    if i am the Malay, i also will feel guilty...
    Never mind la, this is becos of ur mouth process faster then ur brain....<^.^>

  5. I don't think you said anything specifically hurtful per se, in fact you would have been talking about yourself anyway. Maybe he was oversensitive.

  6. matthew .. but i was the one who stayed in the sauna wor.. if it is true.. then i shld be the lazy one :)

    chai .. is he over sensitive or i think too much? lol ;p

  7. nah, he just got motivated looking at your FIT body and listend to your advice, so went out to work out more~~

  8. sk .. motivated ? i think it's more like 'scared' to look like me.. so quick quick go ;p

  9. You an consider yourself lucky coz he not rape you!

  10. paul .. sampat .. u think so easy to egt raped ahh? lol ;p


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