Wednesday, November 23, 2011

come and see ...

I was setting up the windows at One Utama when i heard a girl screaming not far away. Apparently a young college girl slipped and fell at the walkway. I looked at her and laughed in my heart.

I had the same experience, in front of Starhill lagi. I fell and stood up within 2 seconds and walk away asa vogiu as possible, hope that not many people realized it.

Cos to me ...

You fell in public. It's already embarrassing enough. Why want to shout and announce to the world ?

Betul tak?

I got a friend who scream on almost everything, be it good or bad thing. Sometimes i feel a bit over lorr. Are you a screamer as well?


  1. Screamer in bed yes, but not in public.


  2. haha I only scream when i'm in pain or got scared by something.. like sometimes a lizard popping out of no where haha then I let out this girly scream XD

  3. I do have my moments of loud expressions. I think those are small moments we should cherish. :)

  4. chenxing .. i actually expected someone to give me that comment.. just din think that it'll be the 1st one.. and from ;p

    william .. u too huh? haha

  5. j .. huh? so u r scared of lizard huh? i think i hardly scream especially those high pitch ones.. dunno lerr.. just not easy to scream :)

    chai .. ooo.. some moments huh? must be great ones :)

  6. Actually, I'm a screamer. I can scream as high pitch as you want...XD

    If I fell in public, I will act like nothing happened and disappeared ASAP.>.<

  7. In front of starhill,so not vogiu,i scream during orgasm only most of the time:)

  8. i "OOOOWWWW" when ppl fell. they don need to shout but i will help them shout.

  9. I thought the top right corner in the picture were you la Abang Danny. :P I will go "wuuuu~" instead of "ahhhhh~" like that >_<

  10. chooclate .. then at least u know when to scream and when not .. gd for u :)

    ash .. yalah.. so the tak vogiu .. u and chenxing & william can perform a screaming acapella together la :)

  11. bong .. u ni memang the makcik kepoh la? ppl fall down u quick quick help announce to the world.. ;p

    freedom .. top right? mana satu?

  12. cant tahan who always speak in very high pitch all the day while they can actually speak with a normal tone.

    i find tat quite annoying and stress when listening to them.

    my ears very SUSAH lah~

  13. cally .. high pitch and act cute.. thats one is really a disaster :(


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