Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to BASIC

I was so worried for the past few days, cos my baby ( laptop ) suddenly shutdown and can't log on anymore. I thought that is the end of my journey with it...So i quickly send it to the service centre on Friday morning, hoping to see if there's any miracle ( for some IT-blind guy like me, can't on means DIE ). Few hours later, they called, saying that its just some system error, they can fix it and all my files are still in. And they will need a couple of days to fix it. THANK GOD !!!

I must say that i am really happy and relief with the good news. But what should i do without my laptop? And it's weekend..I guess i'll just have to do it the basic way...way before i got my laptop..

Days without laptop :
I suddenly realised that i kinda get extra few hours per day to do my own things, watch tv and dvds.... ( just imagine how many hours per day i was attached to the laptop before this ). More times to do housework, and also finally got the chance to watch KK's commercial on Astro. Slept quite early these few days. It seems that i am back to my 'healthy' lifestyle. :)

This morning i called the service centre asking on the status. They said my laptop is ready for collection...And here, i can update my blog again. ;)

I love getting extra hours , but i LOVE my laptop more....

My baby...

p/s : just found out that all my songs in iTunes are gone..DAMN !


  1. haha... same as me.. can't live without computer. :p

  2. oh u r back.. ya com no live.. lol
    to dependent on wonder i'm a bit slow now days .


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