Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today is the official launch of my client's shop - RIPCURL at Sunway Pyramid. We invited a lot of celebrities and guests to celebrate with us in the shop and then for a surf party at Sunway Lagoon. To make the party more interesting, we hired a group of bikini girls as our usherer.
The girls were quite demanding and noisy during the bikini fitting. Creating a big hoo-haa in the shop. To cut the story short, let's just say that the girls are quite friendly to the male staffs but not the the females.
So, after the girls left to the lagoon, me and the staffs tidy up and fold back the items at the counter. This is when i heard these 2 staffs talking :

Male Staff ( excited ) :
Eh, you saw or not? A group of cute and sexy pussy cat? ( refering to the bikini girls )

Female Staff ( stared at him, raised her voice and answer him by repeating his question in Mandarin ) :
有啊,一堆 ( a group )可愛 ( cute )和性感 ( sexy ) 的"机白貓" ( pussy cat )囉。

Me :


  1. 哈哈。。 女人就是善妒。 :p

  2. actually i admire her 'straightness' and weird sense of humour ;)


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