Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do you feel anything ?

I attended a Yoga class the other day , cos the instructor is my friend. So just try out la. It was a 'Yin Yoga'class. ( 陰瑜珈,可已加強我的 '陰功'。哈哈。) As you can imagine, what kind of suffer for first-timer like me have to go thru. You actually have to do some posese as if you are stretching. But what is killing me is that you have to hold the pose for few minutes. And also the 'suppose-to-make-you-calm-water-running-and-wind-blowing-sound' songs really makes me feel crazy ! Cos i am used to those heavy beat dance music in my classes.

During the class, my friend came to me and check on my condition while i was holding some pose.

He asked softly :
( do you feel anything ? )

I stared at him and whispered :
( yup, it's killing me !!! )

I think Yoga is not my genre. I guess i better stick to what i am good at - DANCING & LASERING !


  1. i love yoga!
    i find it so challenging, i joined me gym and have stopped attending other classes but only yoga.

    you are more to the "5-6-7-8!!" kind lar..

    xx biaomei

  2. eh, Yoga is nice.. I love it too..
    u know, i go yoga at least 4 times a week leh.. :p

    and one thing, my yoga teacher like to change their warm up style so that we wont feel sian.. last time is slow warm up like "inhale exhale" thingy, now they change to aerobic style. but the teacher really dunno how to count "5-6-7-8" de, always wrong calculation.

    Like what you said, she is best in her field only ~ haha ~

  3. i like yoga also, but stopped due to no time....but, i think i will join back later....

  4. i attended twice and quit :( always feel like open my eyes and see what others are doing in de class, i just can't sit still..

  5. wah!!! yoga... hmm... bit difficult for me lor.. :p

  6. next time when u come bk u can show me 'one-word-horse' and 'gong qiao' la?

    jen & long as u guys got exercise la.. too me eyes can't stop scanning around

    chris..u shld try that u do stunt on flight ;)


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