Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I received a call from a client this morning. Asking me to proceed with some project that was suppose to be done long time ago. I actually not very keen to take the job then, so i quoted the charges higher than usual, hoping that he will cancel the job. Now he told me the job is on and the quotation is approved ! Meaning i will have some extra unexpected money coming in if i finished the job. Yaaay !

Then while i was preparing some infos for the above job, the GX coordinator from the gym called. Asking me if i am interested to take up some afternoon class. It will be a trial, and they will make it permanent if the response is good. Yaaay yaay!

I lost my BALANCE and my 'FACE' the other day, and now i received some good offers.
Maybe the FALL is the begining of my good luck.
No pain, no gain. :)



  1. A good fallen down testimony.. we will learn..

  2. sherry...u always talk so deeeeeep...;p
    ur coke is still wif me, bila mau ambik?

  3. ha.. when all bad things gone, good things will come.

  4. fall more to get more good thing.

  5. chris ... 承你貴言

    wayne... 狗嘴長不出象牙

  6. dann.. will take the coke after i come back from India, hopefully before Olympics :) then i'm sure u will say what's that matter with Olympics lor.. Lol

  7. sherry...actually..yalo? whats India with Olympics?
    anyway...enjoy ur trip..Vaanakum

  8. Is this Sherry.. Yanyi ar??? Yanyi AhNui.. U go India jor ma kai????........

    GJ~~~~~~~~ Kung Hey Nei ar!!!.... =D



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