Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3 2 1 Action !

I went for an audition for some TV programme the other day. Nothing much. Just for fun. But if i win, i will get to travel to my dream destination - FREE !

So, the audition is actually to see how we react and if we have any ' entertainment value '. We were divided into groups of 5. each group will have to go in the room and play some game. I think the team before us was so excited and HIGH while they were in the room. Cos we heard some loud noise, laugh and cheer from the outside. Guess they are performing well. Then i looked at my group :

1 cool uncle + 1 auntie + 1 nerdy guy + 1 quiet young lady + 1 iceman ( me ) = TOTAL DISASTER

How can you expect us to have any sparks? We tried our very best in the room, and the director did actually reminded us few times on the expressions point. I won't say that we did well but i did enjoy the process actually. At least it's new to me - trying to cheer and shout and having over-the-top FAKE facial expressions at the same time . Results will be out by this Friday. And if you see me doing the FAKEY on Astro in September, means i got it. :)


  1. Well, good luck!

    I always believe that I don't have much facial expressions except for sleepiness. That, I'm very good at.

  2. eh, how come u din ask me to join de, u know my dream ma.. keke..

  3. hi legolas..welcome :)
    at lest u still hv the 'sleepy' face...my face is normally BLANK or Hokkian Mee (福健面=面黑黑) haha

    jenice...u were busy travelling ma...nothing yet la..

  4. 哦? 唔通你参加咗天下无敌奖门人??? Super!!!

  5. why never ajak me?.. chances for free trip.. now gone..

    written from Mumbai, India

  6. chris...no la..juts some travel game ( u must b rolling eyes liao...TRAVEL???? ;p )

    sherry...wah u so supportie ah? or nothing to do in India? Namaste

  7. 请问下,这个是不是Astro与My FM一起举办的活动?


  8. yuan...welcome :)
    nope, its AEC programme.
    but thansk for ur wishes :)

  9. well.. 1 cool uncle + 1 auntie + 1 nerdy guy + 1 quiet young lady + 1 iceman sounds wonderful enough for me.. =D


  10. no wonder i stand out from the rest la ;p


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