Monday, July 14, 2008

MASK Attack !!!

I went to a musical at KL Convention Centre last Friday, to support my friend ~ KK. This is his 2nd musical, and its in English. Proud of him. Cos i know how much effort he put to make the show good.

But while i was at the venue, i can't hlp seeing something UGLY. Something that annoyed me so much.

Since the musical was sponsored by Honda, so anyone can watch by just showing the invitations. So i saw a lot of celebs, celebs wannabe, high society, high society bitches ( HSB ) and other catagories of people in the venue. Since i was there earky, i decided to sit in the hall while waiting for the show to start.

Malaysian timing ~ always show up late...and some FASHIONABLY late. Show started. then interval. I overheard some of HSB behind us commeting about the show :

~ free show, nothing to expect
~ cheap stage props, ugly costumes and low budget production
~ bored to hell, feel like going back half way
~ lousy storyline...BORIIIIIING

I actually kinda agree with them, in certain way. But there are still some good part of the show.

But right after the show, we all went out to the lobby and stopped by to chat with the casts. And this is what i heard from the same group of HSB :

~ hey you, you were so good and funny in the show, i can't stop laughing
~ nice show, you should do more of that
~ i like your look, so gorgeous

I looked at them, and wondered :

Do we really have to wear a MASK in order to survive in the Glamourous and Fakey High Society? Can't we just be honest and say what is in our mind?

I guess i will never be in the High Society category. And i am proud of that.


  1. ha, i thought the blog is supposed to be about the play.... seems that you are getting more mature and wiser....


  2. nope, that makes me different from others ;)


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