Saturday, July 12, 2008

I feel GOOD !

I called my instructor friend ( Sunny ) from California Fitness last week asking if there is any chance for me to teach in their gym. Cos i am going to cut down the classes in Klang eventually. Too far and low pay. And with the increase of petrol price. He said that he will arrange a team-teach class for me. So that i he can evalute my teaching skill before offering any classes to me.
He called me few days after that. Asking me to do the team-teach today. TODAY !!!!

It might sound nothing to you but its a big deal to me. Nope, not a small 'BIG' but a big ' BIG' deal. I am a member of the gym since long time ago and teaching there is just one of my goal. And i am going to perform to my best to get that.

When i reached the gym at Mid Valley this afternoon, i was feeling a bit nervous. Even feel like vomiting ( dun worry, i vomit every now and then ;p ). And then it's time fo the class. I suppose to teach at the 1st 30 mins and then Sunny take over the other 30mins. So i got on stage, greeted everyone and start the class. I think my voice was shakey at the 1st 10 mins. Then got better. I was right on track after that. And i think Sunny was ok with my performance that he asked me to continue the class. Full 60 mins. WOW...!!!

And after the class, i stayed a while just to get some feedbacks ( Oh ya, I did Janet Jackson's 'Feedback' today ;p ) from the members. Apparently it was quite good and they asked me when is my class. I told them nothing yet but hopefully soon.

So, now i just have to pray hard that they can squeeze me in the packed schedule.

Sorry for the long story, but i can't help it.
I am very HAPPY and in a very GOOD mood.



  1. Wish u BEST OF LUCK ar!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I feel ne ne ne sugar ne ne ne ne ne....

  3. j....tqtq...rmb to confirm the dinner ya?

    dcsl....soli lo..if i will b with Hokkian slang:
    i heel kut, lai sooke and ne ne ...;p

  4. Hahahahhahaha....*pengsan*

  5. wow, it's a good news...u'll make it soon!! I'm happy to read your long happy story mory...

  6. hi behtee...hows life ...hows new job?

  7. it's better than previous n adapting well...more relax n can get fatter...haha...maybe who knows 1 day i might join your califonia class...n hv fun again...:)p

  8. oh... what class r u teaching ar?

  9. dancemania & MTV Jam...interested? hihi


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