Saturday, July 5, 2008

Your birthday, My wish

Did a simple window for one of my client ~ Florsheim. They have been very nice and supportive to me since i started doing freelance last year. Always easy to talk to when it comes to proposals and quotations. And also hardly let me wait for the payment. It seems that my freelance life and their business in Malaysia grow up together. Both celebrating their 1st ever Anniversary.
Since we have a window full of cupcakes for your anniversay, i hope that your shoes will sell like hotcakes la ( so lame ) ;p

I know it's your birthday, but can i make a wish?

I wish that i will be happy and healthy. Same thing goes to my family and friends. Some extra income will be great. And we'll stay like this as long as possible.
And oh ya.. and i also wish to raise a bit of my charges next time, can ah? lol

Happy Anniversary...FLORSHEIM

p/s : 看了蕭皇奇在金曲獎演唱的那一刻,我突然覺得我一定要努力。


  1. Haha... raise charge, must lor... Nowadays everything also increase, paid must also increase, me hope the same too.. :p

  2. ya lo ya lo...hope our dreams come true la :)


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