Wednesday, July 9, 2008

To curse or not to curse

As i was logging into my friendster account today, i found out something SHOCKING !!

Some random guy called VT, apparently admired my pictures soooooooo much, that he stole it and post them as his pictures in his account. I heard people complaining about prankster and never thought that it would happen to me. But now i know the feeling. It's like you were abused and raped without you realising it.

SHAME ON YOU.... meeeeooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!

But on the other hand, i must say that i am honoured and flattered that my pictures are being used. At least still got market value. Cos i'm sure you don't want to display some PORKCHOP's pictures in your profile, rite? ;p

So, should i curse him for abusing my pictures?


  1. wah, so popular ah, got people admire you....


  2. fuiyohhh
    ada laku man....

    xx biaomeis

  3. abothen? u think i jatuh saham ka? Life starts at 30..;p

  4. i think u shud politely ask him to remove ur pic, then thank him for admiring u - think of it this way, maybe in his heart, u're a celebrity leh....cehcehceh

  5. Oh please do not feel honoured or flattered.. u noe why? Bcos u might not noe that the person who is using ur pic is a PORKCHOP himself!!!!!!


  6. dcsl...thats exactly what i did...and the pics are no longer in his account...but i can't believe that i will be so nice to someone who just..err..raped me..LOL
    AH MOI...planning to start a spider web knitting factory ah? what happened to ur blog?

    j...thats y he need a gorgeous face as a mask la...;p

  7. HAHAHAH I KNOW right...i'm so lazy to write arrrgh... ok ok will start to write soon.

  8. dcsl..u better..or else i'll shout ur full name ...LOL ;p

  9. don't laa beng.... muahahaha

  10. ooo...challenging me huh? ms chua? ;p


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