Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mamma Mia ! Mamma Mia ?

Just came back from watching Mamma Mia , The musical at Istana Budaya.

Thanks a lot to my Skinny Santa ~ CK. May God bless you, stay handsome, stay fit and gorgeous forever. And that applies to me too ..LOL

Now, back to the musical. I am not going to tell too much details here. Maybe i was having a too high expectation on the musical, especially the dance choreography ( which is the only thing i know ). I felt that it was rather simple and too easy. What i want to say is, i think it was an OK show ( Phew !!! Luckily i got the ticket free ;p )

Mamma Mia, here i go again. My my, how can i resist you .... or NOT. ( personal opinion )

p/s : I am always proud to be a Malaysian, but not in the theatre. Cos it was so MEMALUKAN. I have to write that particular word in Malay, just in case dia orang tak reti Bahasa Inggeris.;p


  1. Cool, u got the tix to see Mamma Mia! Post some pix eh...

  2. huh?? is that "Thank you for watching Mamma Mia" kind of a certificate of patronship?? OMG, that is really MEMALUKAN lor, why do they give that?? means we are more civilised and high class after watching this west-end classic musical?? damn~~

  3. huh? ape sudah terjadi? ? ?

  4. ian .. u think i'm those 'bo tak chek' ppl meh? keep on taking pics in the theatre.....;(

    sk & leumas .. the MALU thing is not that card, but some of the LOCAL audience.. who doesn't know how to behave properly while watching the musical... SIA SUI onli..

  5. hmmm...i agree~ a lot of malaysian don't knw how to behave themselves... even in the cinema~
    not as VOGUE as us !!!
    hahahaha :)

  6. i wont say i am VOGUE la... but at least i ada belajar...
    as compare to those kurang ajar ones... lol

  7. hahaha.....still manage to hv a glimpse the ticket which have zero price on least is here for history.....

    Heard some Ministers and Agons are there or something...

    How was the seating? No good?

    As for those "Bo Tak Chek" audiences....very likely are my Company staffs.....malu lu la like dat.....Erm...u should have use your scary eyes and stare at them ma....Aiyoh....wat happen to your trademark???

  8. ck .. i was sitting above
    seating not bad.. level 3 1st row... at least won't b blocked by ppl's head.... n i ROLL my eyes at them more than 5 times... i guess they just too dump to get the signal....;(

  9. No ma.. at least got some pix u have taken.. hehe...

  10. no wo... thats all scanned...

  11. your eyes do get sore or not since u rolled 5 times to them? kakakak.....

  12. ck .. u under estimate me... 5 times onli ma...
    i can do roll eye marathon


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