Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I set a target for myself earlier ~ to have 200 entries in my blog by the end of the year. And i made it !! For those who thought that i won't take blogging seriously when i i started to blog, SORRY to disappoint you. ;p

If you ask me what are my achievements in the year 2008, blogging is definitely in the list. Thanks to my lovely Biaomei, who inspired me to start my own blog. ( Biaomei, i love you, hahaha )With nothing much to share then to lots of nonsense now. Besides discovering my so-called talent in writting., mostly nonsense, i also have the chance to express myself better.

It's not easy for someone who is anti-social for me to meet strangers and develop a relationship. But i met some very nice people here. It's my pleasure to know you all.( tissue anyone? don't get me wrong, it's to wipe you vomit ;p ) So i tried to blog as often as possible, cos i know there's is some people out there who reads my blog.

Therefore, i will continue attacking you guys with my BIG MOUTH nonsense for the coming years. Wishing you guys, happy blogging and have a wonderful new year. :)

Lots of love.......


  1. Very "Yao Yeng" ne the photo. BTW, I'm glad you started to blog, or else I won't get to know you here. Good work my friend.

  2. Ya.. GJ.. I am so impressed too! Cos nowadays.. U blog more than I do!!!! LoL

    Keep it up! It's Cool~~~


  3. shinji.. it only snowed the night before i arrived... ;(

    keenyee.. same to you..keep on blogging :)

    AM .. cos u busy partee-ing

  4. i also made it, set myself a target to have a post everyday, so i have 366 posts for the year 2008!! 我厲害過你~~ :p

    anyway, nice to know you through blogging too, keep it up and i love your nonsense blogs.. hehe :)

  5. haha 加油、加油,加多点让我们'爆'笑的油...yeah
    A我这么high干吗,不好意思不好意思.. :p

  6. Mine is exactly half of yours. Haha.

  7. sk .. thats y i am still wondering how come you have so many ideas to write :) good job ... so whats the 2009 challenge? 2 entries per day? lol

    yee .. u can do anything here.. jangan malu malu ;p

    legolas .. it's not about the nos. of entries, but the content..opps... no offense sk..hahaha

  8. cool danny :) i like ur look in tat pic~
    well, i definitely like to visit ur blog everyday~ i'm ur fans ma~:P
    write more in 2009 !!!!!!

  9. its my honour to have such a vogue fans like u..;p

  10. First of all, congrats to u n ur blog. I'm almost there but long way to go. Anyway, wanna wish you happy new year 2009 n hope you new year resolution would be superb next year.

    Cheers from me!


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