Thursday, December 4, 2008


I don't hate smokers. I have a lots of friends who are smoking. As long as you don't blow the smokes to me, then i'm ok.

But there is one thing that i am not comfortable with smokers is ~ cigarette break. I mean you can take the break whenever you want, but not when you are working in a team with others. I used to have a team in BI who are really smokers. They tend to break every 30 minutes. Wasting my time only. Cos i can't do anything by myself. So i have to wait for them to finish they 'magic stick.'

And another thing is they will immediately lit up a cigarette once they finished their meal.
他們說 :飯後一枝煙,快了似神仙。

我不食人間煙火, 但我不是小龍女。哈哈。


  1. 你不是小龙女,是龙虾----->海鲜!

  2. 對囉, 一包香煙20支要RM8, 一包香100支才RM6, 很省咧, 哈哈哈哈~~

  3. shinji .. 死小孩,別跑。我kiap死你!!!

    sk .. 噢,行家。哈哈。

  4. 飯後一枝煙,好快变神仙.......... =P


  5. Well, I always saw a group of my coll smoking at the corner and wasting the time. But it's their preference..nothing can be done.

  6. i hate smokers too... it's like forcing me to breathe in what they dispose... how digusting and not hygenic that is...

  7. What to do.. Rumors has it that after smoking they can think clearly.. The magic stick not only gives you inspiration, but slowly swallow you till the end of time. Keep the smokers outta my face !!!!

  8. AM .. everytime they inhale, is a step closer to the stage.. ~ 神台。哈哈。

    Keenyee .. i'm ok if that didn't affect me. do whatever they want..

    Wayne .. as long as they dun blow the smoke to me.. i'm still their friend :)

    ian .. wish them good luck in their MAGICAL land...

  9. The smell just irritates me these days. Especially since it's hard to find a smoker at work - since it's banned in hospitals :)

  10. Hmm.. the smell of medicines..n the smell of cigarettes...
    which one to choose ya? ;p

  11. 現在的吸菸族已是"少數民族"了, 就給點空間他們茍且偷生啦. 但是工作時間拿30分鐘去吸菸, 就要拖出去斬!!

  12. My colleague says :"A smoke can give ppl ideas on how to settle the problem & also give insparations"

  13. tagnan .. chop chop chop ...

    vel .. so what happened to us, the non smoker? meaning we have no brain to settle things? ;p


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