Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Mouth ~ The TERMINATOR

I terminate :

~ forwarded message / sms
( please la, be original. a simple message like ' happy bday ' is much more meaningful than a long pretty and warm greetings but ended with someone else's name ;p )

~ linked / chained mail
( i am not a believer in getting good things after i send / sms the message to whatever number of people. i just believe in working hard to get what i want ! )

~ any living creature, even a pot of plants
( the easiet plant to take care ~ monkey palm, died in my living room. and my ex housemate's fighting fish, died in my hand after only one night )

~ immature people
( due to my age, i can't really stand those people with childish thinking, not necessary young ones ok? therefore, i only keep in touch with people that have matured thinking and can help me grow as a better person )

So next time, please think twice before you hand over anything to me or ask me to do anhthing for you. Cos i TERMINATE !!!



  1. Hmmm...now i m thinking whether m i happen to be any of those categories....hmmmm....

  2. i hate those chained mails too.. will sure delete them off and break the chain at my end.. :)

  3. 我也是。超討厭chained mail。一看到,馬上DELETE!!

  4. omg.. i m glad that i m still here... guess i m young but matured? haha

  5. i will ignored those msg as well..

  6. I might belong to the last categories of ur termination selection.. guess i'll be terminated soon.. lol~

  7. Ooo...try to be tough~ man !!!
    lolz~ i hate chained mail and sms as well... y cant those stupid idiot stop sending these kind of things out???

  8. Fuiyoh.. So da garang!!...

    Terminator which can roll eyes 3 times contionuously.. wahaha! =P


  9. Yes sir. But I don't normally do all those mentioned.

  10. ck .. at least not to me :)

    sk .. welcome to join the terminator force ;p

    shin & chris & leumas .. same here

    wayne .. dun worry, u hv a young look with a matured thinking... hard to get that ;)

    ian .. in that case, u might want to 'grow up' a bit when u c me la..lol

    keenyee .. good boi :)

    Am .. i can roll other things as well .. LOL

  11. yea... shinji said u were happy to know me n him, these 2 "young kids" woh... haha.. so sweet.
    thanks, i m happy to know u this 老鸟 too.

  12. we are a BIG 鳥 FAMILY :)

  13. BIG BIRD!!!! Haha... well see how, how bout i act like 8 years old when meet up?? hehe...

  14. ian .. then i'll get ready to roll eyes and laser u ;p


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