Monday, December 22, 2008

Going North

I am about to experience something new and exciting for me in less than 24 hours ~ White Christmas !!!! Yup, i am going to Korea for Christmas. Really can't wait to see the snow. You might think that i am a JAKUN, but who cares? As long as i can get to experience something new in my life, you can call me whatever.

The purpose of the trip is mainly to see their Christmas decors and to take a short break before i start doing my tong-tong-qiang Chinese New Year set up immediately once i come back. And also to see how VOGUE the people are. Maybe i'll come back with a new look, for the coming New Year...hahaha

Just for you to know, i won't be updating or checking the blog for few days till 30th of December.
So, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and try not to MISS ME too much ya?...LOL

By the way, i don't mind receiving Post-Christmas


  1. wow, going to korea for christmas!! i want!!

    hope you have a NICE and SWEET and ROMANTIC holiday, have fun and merry christmas lah~~ :)

  2. GJ.. Do enjoy yourself there and take more pic to share! =)


  3. yo~ merry xmas danny koko ~ waiting for ur xmas present :P

  4. wah wah wah.... enjoy urself! :D

    merry christmas and a happy new year. ;)

  5. Wow....this is really call enjoying admire your life though....unlike me cant and don't have time for work work till death...haiz....Enjoy your holiday and do remember to take pict of your shopping trip, sure u will buy a lot of things....
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Wah... am expecting present from Korea?? hehe... Anyway, enjoy ur trip there. hope to see u back in kl =)

  7. Enjoy your trip. If you can, bring some snow back. Hehe.

  8. i will take xmas deco pics in new york city for u too...

    enjoy ur white xmas

  9. enjoy your trip and merry xmas :)

  10. hey there,

    enjoy yourself and take care yea!!have fun:-)

    bring bk souveniers yea!!hehe

  11. have a wonderful x'mas and enjoyable holiday :)

  12. Merry Christmas and enjoy your trip ;p


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