Saturday, December 13, 2008


I used to have not very good impression on those who always sit at the cafe, working ( or some just pretending ) with their laptops. To me, they are just showing off a certain lifestyle that i am not really impressed of.

Unfortunately, i've been doing the same thing for the past few days. Cos the internet service at my area is down. i think most probably bcos of the landslide near my area. And when i called people from streamyx, nothing help. they tend to get a shock when i told them that i am a MAC user.

Err..encik, MAC saya kurang pasti la... ( same answer from 4 customer service )

So now, ladies and gentlemen..
I would appreciate if anyone out there who is good in MAC to help me on the problem. Cos i am an I T blind. Totally helpless when there's an I T problem..

Why lah? Why i have to face all these problems...

S.O.S. !!!!!
( Saya Orang Susah ) ~ 命苦啊!!!!!


  1. that is very bad reply from the helpdesk!! scold them laa, i'm sure you are very good at this~~ haha :p

    remember, you are S.O.S. (Susah Orang Sahaja)..

  2. sk... 1 word for you from the bottom of my heart ~
    KANASAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. time dun la buy so advance and high tech la those common and normal IT gadgets....

  4. yalor, buy so high tech thingy, don't have such a big head don't wear such a big hat maa.. haiz!!

    S.O.S. = Selalu Orang Sesat~~
    S.O.S. = Sentiasa Otak Sesak~~

  5. is that the consequence of trying to be different from others? haha... anyway, mac is getting popular though..

    good luck anyway.

  6.'ll be fine ay. saya orang susah..teehee. I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!! gasp!! kee-yute!!

  7. haiyu... most likely not ur mac prb. 1. check ur land phone. got dial tone? is the tone normal? try dialing from it.
    if it fails, call service desk n tell them where is ur place. this ensures if the landslide is not affected in ur place.

    most prb is it could be the telekom exchange or it could be ur apartment's phone line to the exchange box for the whole apartments.

    their normal procedure is to check ur pc/mac.

    try asking ur neighbor if they are affected too.

  8. ck .. not very high tech onli ma..

    sk .. tot u said u'll b good to me... now u c la ...;(

    wayne .. thanks, need it very much

    quin rinn .. where r u now ah? forgot liao

    khao... tried everything, they'll send someone over to check in 2 days time... hopefully everything will b ok then.. btw, welcome :)

  9. Aiks... what probs are u facing? Mayb stremyx need to start upgrading their staff with Mac knowledge... Mac user eh... interesting~

  10. ian .. hopefully it'll b over REAL SOON... or i will have more and more wrinkles day by day ... (

  11. Encik....MAC, saya pun tak tau. Hehe, sorry that I couldn't help the other day as well. :)

  12. keenyee .. no prob.. thanks for the 'lung' talk :)


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